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Lady Whistledown is making a return to Netflix! That’s right, 'Bridgerton' has officially been renewed for season 2. Here's all the gossip.

‘Bridgerton’ is coming back for season 2: The best fan reactions

Lady Whistledown is making a return to Netflix! That’s right, Bridgerton has officially been renewed for season 2. We’re already planning Bridgerton watch parties where we dress up in corsets and adopt all the mannerisms from the ton. 

Here are all the details about season 2 including some fan reactions that perfectly capture our reactions. 

Return to the ton

We’ve been waiting for this . . . turn it up! Bridgerton is returning with season 2 and we can’t express how excited we are for this news. Our love of regency dramas was already solid with Sanditon, but Bridgerton proved we’re obsessed! (Also, please renew Sanditon while you’re at it.)

We all received a special edition of Lady Whistledown’s gossip sheet which broke the news to fans. It also looks like they aren’t slowing down and riding the Bridgerton hype. “The incomparable cast of Bridgerton will return to production in Spring 2021,” Lady Whistledown shared. We’re already imagining which popular songs they’ll remake.

All the details

In season 1, we focused on Daphne Bridgerton & the Duke of Hastings as they fell madly in love again and again . . . (hello, episode 6!) If Shonda Rhimes follows the books that the show is based on then this season will focus on Daphne’s brother Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey). It also looks like the cast from season 1 will stick around and we’re beyond delighted to see their faces in another season of drama, romance, and gossip. 

Now, we get to see Anthony find his great love interest (or has he already) and hopefully get the happy ending he rightfully deserves. The books have been a major talking point and we can only hope eight seasons of Bridgerton is on the cards. 

Casting is currently underway for new roles including for the female romantic lead opposite Anthony Bridgerton in Julia Stiles’s book The Viscount Who Loved Me, Kate Sheffield. Season 2 was teased by Anthony at the end of season 1 when he told Daphne he was “finding and promptly declaring my intentions to my new viscountess.”

We also would love Penelope & Eloise to find some happiness and perhaps more tea being spilled by Whistledown? What have fans thought about the latest announcement?

Fan reactions

More Anthony Bridgerton? We can’t cope, but also we’re ready for season 2 to arrive.

We love Daphne and the Duke, but we love that season 2 will give us more Anthony screen time. Bridgerton is providing us the perfect escape from our current situation. 

Bernie Sanders is a Bridgerton fan? We love a man who knows how to dress and has good taste in TV! You go, Glen Coco!

Have you read Julia Stiles’s book series? If you have then – no spoilers! Spoilers without context is the perfect remedy.

Kermit the frog is reacting exactly how we did when we heard the news from Lady Whistledown. All we want is more Eloise alongside the all-important Anthony. 

Alexa, play the Bridgerton musical. Please save Sanditon too, Netflix. We need a second season of this Jane Austen adaptation!

We do require some more “burn for you” moments. This ship is one of the best things from Bridgerton season 1 and we need our dose of the Hastings. 

Fan edits? Yes, please. Anthony is the true diamond and we’re ready for more of him in season 2.

What was your favorite moment from season 1 of Bridgerton? Let us know your predictions for season 2 in the comments.

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