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Are you in love with the vibrant characters from 'Bridgerton'? Find out which character would be your best friend with this compatibility quiz.

Who’s your ‘Bridgerton’ bestie? Take our quiz to find out your fictional BFF

Have you ever dreamt about living in a different time period? Do you fantasize about being a character in your favorite story? If you’ve just finished watching Netflix’s Bridgerton, you’re likely wishing you could go to those elegant balls, wear those colorful gowns, and experience heart-pounding love with a debonair dude.

To get a taste of what it’d be like to join the Bridgerton drama, let’s find out which character would be by your side with this compatibility quiz. Filled with spunk & wit, these Bridgerton characters would make for excellent companions. Your new Bridgerton bestie awaits! Don’t forget to tell us who you got @FilmDailyNews.

Which character would be your best 'Bridgerton' buddy?

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