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Are you a big fan of the Belcher family? Check out all the best moments from 'Bob's Burgers' with all your favorite characters here and laugh along with us.

‘Bob’s Burgers’: Watch these witty moments with your favorite animated characters

Bob’s Burgers is definitely one of the most popular adult animations to come out of the 2010s. Spanning for eleven seasons and counting, the Belcher family has given us tons of laughs, fun, and plenty of entertainment in their quaint burger shop. Out of all the amazing times though, there has definitely been a couple of great moments that stand out a bit more than the others. 

Whether your favorite character is the awkward & nervous Tina, the bossy Louise, or the kiddish & silly Gene, celebrate all the best moments with your favorite characters from Bob’s Burgers with us here. 

When Tina was learning how to drive

This just has to be one of the best moments ever created on this show, and it proves just how hilarious and unique the characters of Bob’s Burgers are. In this scene, Bob is teaching an incredibly nervous & uncomfortable Tina how to drive for the very first time in an empty parking lot. While only one sole car is parked on that lot, Tina freaks out and of course, very on brand of her, crashes into it in a nervous breakdown. 

Tina crashing into the car in an empty parking lot is truly one of the most unforgettable scenes on this show, and it truly exemplifies how hilarious her character is. Other favorite moments we love from her include her undying love for Jimmy Pesto and of course, her iconic twerking moves. 

When Gene dresses up as Bob

Gene is truly one of the silliest characters in Bob’s Burgers, and he proves it in this scene. In this clip, Louise helps Gene dress up like his father, with arm hair, facial hair, a bald spot, and everything, and the result is a perfect spitting image of Bob. Then Bob opens the door in shock at his son, to which Gene points back and yells “it’s like looking in a mirror!”

From there, the entire family gets involved and Gene even begins to imitate his father to Bob’s dismay. Bob gets incredibly frustrated, especially when his family all love the act, and Linda even calls Gene a “travel-sized Bob”. He then goes on to imitate his father for the remainder of the episode, and it’s hilarious. 

Bob and the deli man

When Bob keeps coming back to get a turkey in this episode, he gets in a bit of romantic drama with his deli man. If you keep up with all the characters on Bob’s Burgers, then we’re sure you understand just how seriously the man takes Thanksgiving and making the perfect turkey(although most Thanksgiving doesn’t ever end up going his way sadly). 

After he continues to come back after each turkey-fail, the deli man eventually is convinced that Bob is making a move at him. Coupled with Bob’s awkward & nervous energy, these conversations with the deli man are sure to make you laugh. 

Food critic comes into the restaurant

In this scene, the family struggles to impress a food critic that comes in to visit their burger shop, however, knowing the awkward Belcher family, it’s a lot harder to impress the food critic than they’ve originally thought. Tina first comes up to take his order and quite literally stands and waits by him even when he says he needed more time. 

From there, the scene ends with some trouble in the kitchen, Bob forgetting what the food critic ordered despite it being just a simple cheeseburger, and a dirty Gene with smoke and ash all over his face coming back to the food critic to tell him his food will be ready in an extra minute. 

Bob making a burger

When the family is struggling to keep their restaurant alive, Bob comes up with a perfect plan to make the most delicious burger bites to sample them outside of Jimmy Pesto’s Italian restaurant in front of their shop. However, it seems that their family just can’t keep getting into their own plans. 

Check out this scene to witness all the absurdity and randomness of the characters from Bob’s Burgers. By the end of it, we have Louise chopping off other people’s hairs and Jimmy Pesto slow-dancing to Boyz II Men. 

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