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Was a 'Bob's Burgers' cast member spotted at the U.S Capitol coup? Here's some of the best memes that roast Jimmy Pesto, as well as the actor who plays him.

‘Bob’s Burgers’ cast member storms Capitol: The best Jimmy Pesto memes

“D@#% you, Jimmy Pesto!”

As the FBI continues to investigate the violent events of January 6th, 2021, when a large gathering of right-wing extremists stormed the U.S. Capitol, many people are helping do their part by scavenging through posted photos to see if they can recognize anyone. In the midst of this investigation, one photo that was posted appears to feature the beloved Mr. Show comedian, Jay Johnston. If not him, his doppelganger. 

Jay Johnston, who currently voices Jimmy Pesto Sr. on the hit Fox animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers, has now been identified in the photo by two other comedians, Tim Heidecker & Spencer Crittenden. While it’s unclear what the next steps will be in the investigation regarding this Bob’s Burgers cast member, we’re already looking at some of the best memes that capture this event. Care to check some of them out with us?  

What would Bob do? 

It’s exactly what Jimmy Pesto would do!

Evil laugh

Jimmy Pesto’s building might be up to code . . . but not his actions. Man, the Bob’s Burgers cast is probably having a field day with this news. 

Burn, baby! 

Louise may finally be getting the plot point they so desperately deserve

Photo proof

Does the camouflage mask make you a b@#@$$? Asking for a friend . . . not an insurrectionist.

Are we really shocked? 

Jimmy Pesto’s tie isn’t the only thing that’s flaunted its true colors. To be fair, if any cast member from Bob’s Burgers were to do this . . . .

Capitol special? 

Will Bob’s Burgers get the South Park treatment and have a one-hour Capitol storming episode to reveal Jimmy Pesto’s new voice actor? We sure hope so . . . boost that cast list and go get a Taylor Lautner jk

It’s Jimmy Pesto Jr’s time at last 

We’re getting Kevin Bacon Footloose warehouse vibes.


Out with the old, in with the new. 

This is . . . nuts

Both the writers and the cast for Bob’s Burgers have quite the task ahead of them. 

Storm the gates

Costco employee by day, coup starter by night.

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