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So for anyone still reeling from Netflix’s abrupt cancellation of 'BoJack Horseman', here are a few more gems from the adult animation genre.

Love adult animation? All the best shows to watch right now

Back when we were young & fresh and still able to wake up on Saturdays before ten, the best thing about a Saturday morning were the cartoons. Perhaps some of us thought that we’d leave cartoons behind for more adult tastes, little did we know that they’d grow up with us. 

Adult animation shows have been around for some time. The Simpsons led the way in the 90s along with it, Family Guy and multiple spin-offs. But adult animation has continued to evolve, adding more complex storylines and bringing more sophisticated humor and philosophy to a medium that was once thought juvenile. 

So for anyone still reeling from Netflix’s abrupt cancellation of BoJack Horseman, here are a few more gems from the adult animation genre. 

Rick and Morty

Yes, Rick and Morty is the almighty king ruling over the genre. Its story follows mad scientist Rick and his hapless grandson Morty (both voiced by Mark Roiland) as they traipse across the universe, leaving chaos in their wake. 

The show is undeniably original & boundary-pushing, using profound philosophical themes in absurd situations that leaves its audience in a limbo of amusement and existential crisis. 

Bob’s Burgers

Fare for the everyday man & woman, this unpretentious comedy is wonderfully offbeat. Bob’s Burger follows the Belcher family trying to keep their burger restaurant afloat while pursuing their own individual hijinks. With the voice talents of H. Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman, and Kristen Schaal and the show’s simple but clever approach to humor, Bob’s Burgers is a must-see.


Big Mouth

Puberty is the most dynamic and embarrassing time in our lives. Nick Kroll, and his team capitalized on that vulnerable period (yes, pun intended) to bring us the raunchy but informative Big Mouth

The series follows the escapades of a group of seventh-graders and some other more unusual characters including a few hormone monsters, a big-talking ladybug, and the ghost of Duke Ellington. 


Inspired by the Japanese video game of the same name, Castlevania is a dark tale of the vampiric Count Dracula (Graham McTavish) who vows to wreak destruction on the people of Wallachia for a wrong done to him. The story follows the monster hunter Trevor Belmont as he battles the scores of demons let loose by the dark lord. 

Solar Opposites

A new adult animation series on Hulu, Solar Opposites comes from the twisted mind of one-half of Ricky and Morty’s creators, Mark Roiland. The story is about a group of alien refugees settled on planet Earth. 

They are locked in a dispute on whether humans are terrible or wonderful, all the while nurturing a creature called the Pupa for it to one day terraform the Earth. 

The Midnight Gospel

Another new addition, The Midnight Gospel is the trippiest thing you’ve seen while not under the influence. Its story is a jaunty romp through a universe of planets just before each one meets their apocalyptic demise. 

Spacecaster Clancy Gilroy travels to each of the planets with the help of an illegal multiverse simulator to interview the planet’s residents for his spacecast. 

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