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Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter) gained her wings this past week. Celebrate her role in 'Arrested Development' and see her best moments with the cast here.

Honor the ‘Arrested Development’ cast and rewatch these hilarious scenes

Heaven gained an angel last week when we lost Jessica Walter, who graced us with her presence on the big & small screen since the early 1960s. Although she’s had a long & seasoned career, Walter is arguably best known for her role as everyone’s favorite blunt boozy Gangy, Lucille Bluth.

Lucille tied the Bluth family together on Arrested Development, giving a seemingly endless string of one-liners over the show’s five seasons. Lucille is one of the greatest characters on the cast of Arrested Development, and Jessica Walter’s passing reminded fans around the world of one of the greatest sitcoms of all time.

Arrested Development is the king of call-backs, a show with a dense fabric of jokes taking a few re-watches to recognize & illicit pure awe for comedy fans. With a show where nearly every line of dialogue is a joke or self-referential call-back, it’s hard to narrow down our favorite moments. We did our best to recall some of our favorite bits from the cast of Arrested Development in some of its greatest sequences.


Lucille has countless iconic moments on Arrested Development, from her shot contest with rival Kitty, to her ongoing feud with Lucille Austero, to her barrage of passive-aggressive digs at her daughter Lindsay. 

However, it’s hard to argue she doesn’t shine brightest when it comes to her relationship with Buster, and the bond with her son doesn’t get much cringier than when it’s put on display in the annual Motherboy mother-son dinner dance.

Sword of destiny

Gob brings some of the most gut-busting laughs of all the cast of Arrested Development. His botched magic tricks never disappoint (but where did the lighter fluid come from?), and when Gob plans his greatest trick to impress his idol Tony Wonder, we get to see Gob at his full magical potential.

From when Gob picks up the sword of destiny (just ring it up with the dong tea) to when Tony Wonder is introduced, W-shaped soul patch & all, Gob’s greatest magic trick (attempt) showcases the cast in one of Arrested Development’s greatest sequences

Chicken dance

If you don’t know the chicken dance, can you even call yourself an Arrested Development fan? Michael Bluth is usually the target of the chicken dance, which the Bluth family uses to bully any family member exposing their yellow belly.

On a first run-through of Arrested Development, you might only notice Gob doing the chicken dance. However, seasoned fans notice nearly every member of the main cast of the show has their own specific chicken dance, and toward the end of the original run of the show, there’s a scene where everyone’s dance is put on display (Michael & women? Coodle doodle-doo!)


The mayonegg is a thing of legend to any Arrested Development diehard. George Michael’s girlfriend Ann is more of a running joke than a character, and Michael’s inability to remember the basic blandie keeps hitting as we see him forget again & again (her?).

However, indifference turns to shock & disgust when George Michael tells his father about Ann’s cute snacking habit of making egg salad in her mouth. Michael Cera & Jason Bateman reach their peak chemistry in the scene which lays the foundation for Ann’s character on the show (who?).

Blue man group

Tobias is one of Arrested Development’s most beloved characters, and it’s easy to see why he’s a fan favorite; Tobias’s constant use of double-entendres, dead-end acting job search, and Mrs. Featherbottom character are ripe for laughs, while his idiosyncrasies in everyday interactions are rich with realistic quirks.

However, one of Tobias’s greatest moments comes when the Blue Man plotline is introduced. Tobias thinks he’s going to an audition for The Blue Man Group, but the audition ends up being a support group for blue (sad) men. When Tobias is asked to speak, he gives us one of his only truly honest lines (I feel like a f*cking idiot).

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