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After a shocking season 3 finale, we're all dying to see what will happen next. When does season 4 of 'Ozark' start? Find out all the details here!

Violence in the Ozarks: When does ‘Ozark’ season 4 start?

According to fans, Ozark season 3 gave audiences one of the most dramatic endings we’ve witnessed yet. Fans were left eager to know what the next installment will have in store for them. The drama follows a money laundering and drug-cartel business, starring Jason Bateman & Laura Linney. And witnesses a family relocating to a small town to flee from their problems. But circumstances grow darker and more intense every season. 

When does season 4 of Ozark start? And what can we expect from the vigorous series?

What is Ozark season 4 about?

Ozark shares the story of financial advisor Martin Byrde (Jason Bateman), as he moves his family to Missouri to build a money laundering business in order to clear a debt to the cartel. When Byrde and his family are in Missouri, it doesn’t take long for them to cross paths with fellow local gangs. And trouble only grows for the family. 

Season 4 picks up in the midst of numerous shocking deaths that season 3 left us to deal with. It sees the Federal Bureau of Investigation pursuing Martin and his wife Wendy (Laura Linney). The show was named after the region in Missouri in which it takes place.


In addition to Jason Bateman who we also know from a number of films like Identity Theft, Horrible Bosses, Game Night and Juno. How can we forget Arrested Development? (Rest in peace, Jessica Walters.) Laura Linney will reprise her role as Wendy Byrde, Martin’s wife and a political campaigner. She gets pulled into her husband’s money-laundering operation as the show continues. 

As an iconic actor, you’ll probably recognize her from titles like The Squid and the Whale, The Truman Show, The Big C, and Frasier. Felix Solis (The Good Wife), Charlie Tahan (Gotham), Julia Garner (Maniac), and Jessica Frances Dukes (Jessica Jones) will also be returning for Ozark season 4. New cast members will include Bruce Davison from X-Men, Alfonso Herrara from Sense 8, and Katrina Lenk (The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel) among others.

When does Ozark season 4 start?

Ozark season 4 will be released in two installments this year. The part 1 premiere will take place on January 21st, 2022. The first seven episodes will appear and then the second half of the fourteen-episode season is scheduled for release later this year.

What’s to be expected from Ozark season 4?

Based on what we’ve seen from the part 1 trailer, the season will begin with Marty & Wendy about to enter Navarro’s Mexico residence, following what’s perhaps the most disturbing time of their lives. The cartel boss sends them back to Missouri carrying a message for Darlene, cautioning her not to bring back her heroin business and make a deal with the FBI and the Byrdes’s son gets into more criminality as he starts money laundering.

Will this be the end?

Everything must come to an end at some point, right? Even what we call our very civilization will come to an end one day, right? (See Don’t Look Up on Netflix!) We don’t want to think too much about the end of the world, as long as it’s no time soon. But has Ozark finally arrived at its conclusion?

Yes, unfortunately, Ozark season 4 has been set as the final season. Netflix has very recently confirmed the news. Felix Solis (Omar Navarro) stated, “All good things must come to an end. This was a good job that must come to an end. We don’t want to wait until it’s not good for it to end.” The last thing they want is for Ozark to become stale and overused simply because it’s been around for too long. 

For all the fans out there, the best way to look at it is like this: It paves the way for new and great shows in the future!

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