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We’re looking back over 'Arrested Development'’s best quotes and imagining them as motivational phrases.

We humbly present you with our Netflix bingewatchers’ special, comedy edition. Sorry in advance for your eye strain.

After a week of downright distressing television we're looking forward to some great new shows to bring us out of our depressive fugue.

In an attempt to shed some light on this glaring question, here are a number of other allegations that appear to have been swept under the rug in

It’s one of the TV industry’s biggest events, full of glitz, glamour, and an awful lot of drugs – it’s the Film Daily alternative Emmys of course, a

Lucille Bluth is easily the most gifable character in 'Arrested Development' thanks to her suspicious grimace and saucy wink. Here we celebrate the queen that is Jessica Walter

While fans of cult hit 'Arrested Development' have been waiting in anticipation for the show’s fifth season since a recent trailer drop, creator Mitch Hurwitz had a surprise

Showing she’s as fearless as her work suggests, Alia Shawkat has become somewhat of a powerforce over the years for LGBTQI representation, the #MeToo movement, and for female

From the producer of 'The Babadook' and directors Ben Howling & Yolanda Ramke comes 'Cargo', a post-apocalyptic drama about a father (Martin Freeman) racing against the clock to