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USPS is starting its "Delivering for America'' plan, which will cause delays on USPS delivery time. Grab a stamp as we dive into the new USPS plan. 

What’s causing USPS to slow down its delivery time?

USPS will begin implementing its controversial “Delivering for America” plan on Friday, which will cause unprecedented delays on USPS delivery time. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s plan is meant to make the postal service more modern, competitive, and eco-friendly as one aspect will be the new energy-friendly fleet of delivery vehicles that will be rolled out with this plan. 

However, the plan will end up delaying some first class mail USPS delivery time as the plan continues to be contested by Democrats who simply see the plan as a way to stall the postal service further, linking it to former president Trump’s anti-mail-in voting rhetoric and the slowed service back in February.

Of course, Democrats are not the only ones annoyed with the new delayed USPS delivery time; many on Twitter have voiced their frustrations over the coming & continued limitations of the Postal Service. We sorted through the threads to find more information and a few reactions on the new delays in USPS delivery time. Grab a stamp as we dive into the new USPS plan. 

Delivering for America 

The plan was originally proposed by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy during the Trump presidency as a way to revamp the postal service. DeJoy told reporters in a news briefing in March that the plan “takes a holistic view of the organization and is meant to elevate our business, competitiveness and our ability to meet the needs of the nation.” 

However, many Democrats saw flaws in the new system, such as Michigan Sen. Gary Peters voicing concerns over those who may rely on the Postal Service for prescription drugs, financial documents and running smaller businesses. DeJoy was brought into congressional hearings about the plan due to that and concerns regarding the election at the time. 

In February, DeJoy apologized for the slowing mail during the holiday season. That same month, President Joe Biden nominated three people to the agency’s Board of Governors, a move some lawmakers hoped would eventually lead to DeJoy’s dismissal. However, no word has come from the board on DeJoy’s fate, leaving him as Postmaster General as the new plan gets underway. 

Snail mail 

According to USPS spokeswoman Kim Frum, we can expect no change to service on 60% of first class mail and most periodicals. Within a local area, single piece first class mail will still be delivered within two days. 

However, mail going over longer distances will be delayed in some cases, as the USPS increases its transit time which may affect time sensitive deliveries, such as legal documents.  

“These changes would position us to leverage more cost-effective means to transport First-Class packages via ground rather than using costly air transportation, which is also less reliable due to weather, flight traffic, availability constraints, competition for space, and the added hand-offs involved,” Frum said. However, cost-effective delivery does not seem to be swaying those who are already experiencing issues. 

Twitter is already annoyed 

Naturally, many people voiced their annoyance at the new plan’s delays, documenting their opinions and experiences with the already slowed down Postal Service. Reactions include: 

Good idea for small businesses in the wake of this announcement! 

Yikes! If it’s already this slow . . . . 

That got a chuckle out of us, we won’t lie! 

Asking the deep questions, here. 

Aka everyone’s reaction in a nutshell. 

What are your thoughts on the new USPS delayed delivery time? Drop them below in the comments to put a rush on this package!

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