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USPS is starting its "Delivering for America'' plan, which will cause delays on USPS delivery time. Grab a stamp as we dive into the new USPS plan. 

Where's our mail? Delays in postage have been worse since COVID-19 came to town. Check out the announced proposal from USPS on how they're fixing it.

Have you also been dealing with missing or late packages from USPS? You're not alone. Find out what's going on with the Postal Service here.

Project Veritas has revealed tape of whistleblower Richard Hopkins being coerced by Postal inspectors. Here's what we know.

Can you picture Cher working at your local post office? Unfortunately, USPS careers are harder to pursue than you might think – especially with budget cuts.

Did you know Steve Bannon raised money to build the Mexican wall, but used it to line his pockets instead? Delve into the timeline of his crimes here.