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Chris Cuomo is under fire after a sexual harassment allegation hit the New York Times. See how people are reacting on Twitter to the shocking news.

How has Twitter reacted to new Chris Cuomo assault claims?

Chris Cuomo is in hot water and all of Twitter has plenty of insight to bestow. Shelley Ross, a former executive producer for ABC, has released an article to the New York Times detailing an alleged sexual harassment incident with Chris Cuomo.

Ross wrote that at a work party in 2005, Cuomo had grabbed her buttocks in front of everyone, even her husband. After the couple left, Cuomo sent an email explaining his apology to Ross & her husband. 

As the claim has clearly shocked countless fans & haters alike, Twitter is brimming with condolences for Shelley Ross and downright disgust with Chris Cuomo. Here are some of the top opinions about the scandal on Twitter. 

Janice Dean from Fox News responds

Dean, a meteorologist & New York Times bestselling author, praised Shelley Ross for what must’ve been a difficult decision to make on revealing the alleged incident.

Sexual harassment apology via email. . .

The email, which Ross presented in her article on the incident, details a more sincere apology to Ross’s husband rather than her. 

Accountability needed from both political parties

Although many Republicans may be rejoicing in this news, it must be remembered that both parties have major figures involved in sexual assault allegations and should all be held accountable.


Well, we didn’t say it.

Plot twist? Not really

Although Chris Cuomo was scrutinized for advising his brother Andrew’s sexual harassment scandal, many didn’t want to believe that these allegations could be true.

Adequate punishment

Can we all agree on this one?

Chris Cuomo’s return to TV

Although Ross wrote in her article she’s not seeking for Cuomo to be fired, many feel that that’s exactly what should happen to the disgraced CNN reporter.

Runs in the family

This blogger & writer couldn’t help but compare the brother’s similar disposition and increasing scandals. It seems that the tale of influential men abusing their power never ends.

Unpopular opinion

This may be a hot take, but shouldn’t we all disagree with workplace harassment?

Italian should not be an excuse

“Italian” does not equate to “pervert”.

What do you think about the Chris Cuomo sexual harassment allegation? Share the best thoughts & memes on Twitter in the comments below!

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