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Should we call 911? Here are the best memes of President Donald Trump trying to act like he doesn't have COVID-19.

President Donald Trump appeared out of breath: Twitter made a meme

Are we ever going to run out of memes of President Donald Trump? This year sure has been challenging but at least we have tons of comedic material to get us through the last few months.

Trump was recently diagnosed with COVID after poking fun at Joe Biden for always wearing “giant” masks. After spending just three days at the hospital, President Trump decided to go back to the White House, assuring everyone he was feeling better – although some footage says otherwise.

The internet did what it does best and turned a short clip of Trump experiencing shortness of breath into hilarious memes. Here are the funniest ones just for you.

First time, huh?

This meme from Cardi B actually turned President Trump’s struggle into a relatable moment for everyone out there. If you’ve ever tried smoking anything, you’re probably familiar with this feeling.

Remember the first time you tried to smoke? Trying so hard to make it look like you knew what you were doing, and pretending you could totally handle the burning sensation in the throat when you inhaled too hard.

Well, Cardi B got it right. You probably looked like this clip of President Trump when you tried smoking the first couple of times. It’s a hard truth, but you looked something like President Trump here.

Are you okay, sir?

Karma’s a b$%#. Just last week, President Trump was making fun of Joe Biden for being too cautious about COVID. Next thing we know, both the President and the First Lady of the U.S. test positive for COVID-19.

For some reason, being diagnosed didn’t fully make Trump reconsider his stance on the pandemic. It seems like he’s trying to convince everyone (maybe even himself) that having COVID isn’t a big deal.

President Trump went back to the White House only three days after being diagnosed. We can only imagine he looked like QONDI so eloquently described with this gif as he went through the front doors.

“I can handle it”

Another relatable meme for us to practice our empathy. These memes are starting to make us wonder why we do this to ourselves. Why are we trying to make it look like we’ve got everything under control when clearly we don’t?

President Trump is reminding us how ridiculous we look when we try to pretend like everything’s fine – even though we’re clearly not. Next time we think about trying to look tough, we’re sure going to remember this clip.

In the meantime, someone please give President Trump a chair & a glass of water. Also, tell him we get it if he needs to rest a bit more.

“Can I get a . . . ”

We’ve sure experienced social anxiety much more than we would like to admit. We’re thankful for technology because it has made phone calls obsolete. Unfortunately, we still need to practice our social skills to get through our daily lives.

The clip of President Trump feels like when we practice the question we wanted to ask during class before raising our hand but got nervous and only asked part of it, or just asked something which doesn’t really make sense . . . . It happens to other people, right?

Anyway, we hope we didn’t look so awkward when we messed up our order.

Keep calm

Now, President Trump has to handle the elections, having a potentially deadly virus, and pretending like everything’s okay. He’s going to need help getting people to believe him when he says he’s fine.

We can only picture the rest of the party trying to calm everyone down as Trump supporters start to realize denying COVID does not, in fact, make you immune to it. It also reminds us of the “everything’s fine” meme. That’s President Trump right now.

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