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Are you nervous about the upcoming U.S. election? Add some levity to the times with these hilarious Donald Trump memes.

Donald Trump memes: These will have you laughing your way to the election

Lots of people say they don’t care for politics. But politics are important – how could it come to this?

Maybe because in America, political opinions have evolved into incredible polarizing forces. Maybe because things have become so complex people resort to apathy. Maybe because political discussions can turn a friend into a foe. Maybe because our political leaders are so cringey it’s hard to watch. We’ll go ahead and stop there. 

Even if you aren’t into politics, it’s hard to ignore those flashy headlines like “President Trump tests positive for COVID-19.” Come on, how much crazier can 2020 get? 

Luckily, 2020 has been a prime year for memes – especially political memes. Who better to target than President Donald Trump himself? Let’s get through this politically chaotic time with some laughs. Hopefully when election day finally comes around, you’ll be able to swallow the political mess that we’re in and cast your vote.   

Willy Wonka

If you haven’t heard – Donald Trump has made a swift recovery after contracting COVID-19. He announced on Twitter that he was feeling well again after spending just a couple days at the Walter Reed Medical Center. 

Thus, this hilariously accurate Willy Wonka meme was born. Trump’s miraculous recovery didn’t come as good news to everyone. It was almost as if it was all a ruse to make us marvel at his impressive somersault moves. 

What world is he living in?

The Willy Wonka memes make the perfect caption for Donald Trump’s proclamation that the coronavirus is nothing to worry about. That everyone will have access to the “best medicines in the world” and the vaccine will come “momentarily.” 

Who needs a medical degree?

If you want to listen to Trump give medical advice, go for it. Dr. Fauci, however, just isn’t having it. 

Covid takes offense

So many people thought that Trump getting COVID-19 was sweet justice. COVID-19 probably thought so too. But then again the virus seems to enjoy infecting pretty much anyone.

Hang in there virus!

To many, Trump having COVID was a delight. But alas, it has come to a sudden halt – poor COVID didn’t have much of a chance against a billionaire politician with the best health care possibly available. 

Clown fever

Call him Willy Wonka or a clown – the man is a silly president. 

Hide the virus

The next virus to hit Trump – the zombie virus!


This meme is too festive not to include!  🎃

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