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With the world around us going crazy, Netflix really lucked out releasing 'Tiger King' during quarantine. Here's what we know about the new episode.

Everything about the new ‘Tiger King’ episode dropping soon

With the world around us going crazy, Netflix really lucked out releasing Tiger King during quarantine. Even with Coronavirus in the world, the world of Joe Exotic is a hell of a lot crazier

But if you binged the entire show in one day, and are dying for more of Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe, and John Finlay, Netflix has you covered. Lowe announced on Twitter April 4th there’s one more episode of Tiger King coming for fans. 

Of course, since this episode sounds like it’s being made now, let’s dive into what we know and when it could come out. Hopefully, we’ll get one more dose of Joe Exotic sometime before the pandemic ends. 

Crews are still working on the episode

Podcast host Justin Turner was sent a video by a friend featuring Lowe and his wife Lauren announcing the new episode was in production. We don’t know the exact date of the video featuring Lowe, but in it, he says Netflix is sending a crew to their place tomorrow, and the episode will be out next week.

Lowe is the only one confirmed

Since this news came from Lowe’s mouth, we know Lowe is making one more appearance in the docuseries. Based on the popularity surrounding Carole’s missing husband, we wouldn’t be surprised if she also makes a reappearance in another episode. But outside of those two, we’re not 100% sure who Netflix could get on camera at this time. 

They’re filming during the pandemic

Nearly all of the entertainment industry has shut down during the Coronavirus pandemic, but that’s not stopping Netflix from pumping out one more episode. We’re just going to hope they’re offering proper protection for the crew they hired to help film and edit this final episode. 

Sometime between 4/6/20 and 4/11/20

If we assume that the video of Lowe was filmed sometime last week, the new episode is set to come out this week. As of writing, the new episode has yet to premiere, but there’s seven days in a week for a reason. We’re also impatient, and hope by next week, Lowe meant this week. 

In the meanwhile, we’re just going to rebinge the original episodes, trying to get a grasp on the whole crazy situation in the first place, because nothing makes sense. We’re also still solving Don Lewis’ disappearance, but that’s worth its own article

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