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K-pop boy band Seventeen now joins BTS with releasing their own docuseries. Here's what you need to know about Seventeen members and 'Hit the Road'.

Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but that doesn't make him an innocent man. The new Netflix documentary 'Filthy Rich' is diving into the truth about Epstein.

How better to cope with your obsession than to indulge in the glorious 'Tiger King' memes? Go ahead and laugh your pain away.

Carole Baskin’s second husband Don Lewis mysteriously disappeared in 1997, as shown in 'Tiger King'. Here's what we know about Baskin and Don Lewis.

There’s no official announcement from Netflix yet about a 'Tiger King' season 2, but we know it’s coming soon. Here's everything we know.

With the world around us going crazy, Netflix really lucked out releasing 'Tiger King' during quarantine. Here's what we know about the new episode.

Are you searching for the perfect documentary or docuseries on Netflix? Check out our ultimate guide to the good & bad from '13th' to 'Wild, Wild Country'.

True crime fans, program your DVRs. The Oxygen Channel has the marathon you've been waiting for: 12 Dark Days of Serial Killers.

With the absolute kings of Asian pop, ARASHI announcing that they’re taking a hiatus, Netflix’s 'Arashi’s Diary Voyage' couldn’t come at a better time.