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If you thought you could finally stop hearing about NXIVM, think again, because HBO is premiering a true crime docuseries about the sex cult.

If you loved the movie 'Crazy Rich Asians' even half as much as we did. Here's why you should watch docuseries 'The House of Ho'.

Need more than another Ted Bundy docuseries? Here are some of the most addictive true crime docs on Netflix to draw you in.

Go on the frontlines with those fighting coronavirus in NYC thanks to a new bonus episode of docuseries 'Lenox Hill'.

Like any documentary, 'Tiger King' takes it fair share of exaggerations. But is 'Tiger King' real at all, or just fiction? We dive into the truth.

The Netflix docuseries 'Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich' explores many facets of the horrifying Jeffery Epstein case. Here's some news it didn't cover.

K-pop boy band Seventeen now joins BTS with releasing their own docuseries. Here's what you need to know about Seventeen members and 'Hit the Road'.

Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but that doesn't make him an innocent man. The new Netflix documentary 'Filthy Rich' is diving into the truth about Epstein.

How better to cope with your obsession than to indulge in the glorious 'Tiger King' memes? Go ahead and laugh your pain away.