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'Temptation Island' is back, and Netflix promises that season two of the show will be juicier and better than ever. Meet the 'Temptation Island' cast here.

‘Temptation Island’ worth the hype? Meet the scandalous cast

After Temptation Island first premiered, it proved itself to be one of the most memorable reality TV shows on television. Temptation Island holds its own against the competition like Love Island & Too Hot to Handle

In 2021, the show is back with brand new people and crazy new romantic drama. The newest Temptation Island cast members are ready to bring the heat with hookups, compatibility challenges, singles, and couples.

Alexcys Homan

Meet Alexcys Homan, the twenty-three-year-old personal assistant based out of Van Nuys, California. She’s labeled herself a party girl when the weekend rolls around and a hard working professional during the work week. She decided to join the Temptation Island cast in the pursuit of love.

Alex Alvarez

Alex Alvarez brings a lot to the cast of Temptation Island with his handsome good looks and wholesome way of life. The twenty-nine-year-old enjoys line dancing to country music on a night off from working as a medical recruiter. He claims he’s a former party boy who is totally ready to settle down with his perfect match.

Katrina Koomen

Take a quick scroll through Katrina Koomen’s Instagram and it’s easy to see that she’s got a lot going for her in terms of her appearance. She’s your classic blonde bombshell who will certainly be breaking hearts as part of the Temptation Island cast in this upcoming season. She is a twenty-two-year-old college soccer player who much prefers dating older guys.

Dr. Blake Eyres

At age thirty-four, Dr. Blake Eyres has it going on. He will be an awesome member of the Temptation Island cast . . . someone the girls won’t be able to take their eyes off of! He works as a dentist in Saint Louis, Missouri and loves living a life full of adventure. He’s the outdoorsy type.

Lauryn Stewart

The state of Georgia is lucky to have Lauryn Stewart living her best life. The twenty-seven-year-old stunner is a personal trainer who prioritizes health, fitness, and nutrition. Her dedication to self-improvement is clear as day with how fit & toned her body is. She’s been divorced in the past but sees her chance as part of the Temptation Island cast to be a great opportunity to meet someone new. 

David Silvia

David Silva is a Barrington, Rhode Island Native who makes his living as a sales rep. He’s enjoyed the single life but now that he’s twenty-seven years old and coming closer to his thirties, he’s ready to meet the one woman he can be with forever.

Madilynn “Maddy” Brown

Madilynn Brown also goes by Maddy and she’s twenty four years old from Norfolk, Virginia. She works as a dancer and is open to the idea of finding love with someone in the Temptation Island cast lineup. She’s considered herself a serial dater up until this point.

Evan McFadden

Evan McFadden calls himself a mama’s boy and is still in the process of healing from heartache. The twenty-nine-year-old sales associate dated his ex-girlfriend for three years before she dumped him. He’s totally ready to put himself out there again and move on.

Maya Morsi

Maya Morsi is a thirty-two-year-old web developer from San Jose, California. She gives off California girl vibes all day with the beachy waves in her hair and perfect smile. She loves riding motorcycles and she’s looking for love with someone who won’t scorn her like men in the past have.

Griffin Libhart

At twenty-five years old, Griffin Libhart is already a professional soccer player doing his thing in Baltimore, Maryland. He’s quite attractive which means that it’s most likely never been hard for him to get a date . . . but finding one who makes him want to stick around has been challenging. 

Lauren ‘Tula’ Pointdexter

Lauren Pointdexter, aka Tula, was once a beauty pageant queen. She’s the former Miss Louisiana which is a great title to carry. She was engaged to be married, once upon a time, but that didn’t work out for her. Now she’s joined the Temptation Island cast to meet someone else.

Jesse Stephanos

Jesse Stephanos is twenty-five years old and owns his own business in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Being a business owner at such a young age is pretty impressive! His sociable & outgoing personality will serve him well in the upcoming season of Temptation Island.

Grace Hagan

PR Assistant Grace Hagan is twenty-five years old and has been trying her hand at dating in New York. Now, she’s trying her hand at dating on Temptation Island amongst a cast of some very good looking people. She admittedly prefers dating funny guys who are on the taller side.

Juwan Haynes

Los Angeles, California native Juwan Haynes is a former football player who is pursuing entrepreneurialism these days. At this point in his life, Juwan is interested in settling down with a girl who will eventually become his wife. He would like to also get his mother’s approval on the girl of his choice.

Isabel Thanmithak

Isabel Thanmithak is a twenty-seven-year-old bartender who lives near Las Vegas, Nevada in Henderson. She describes her last relationship as being toxic and she says she is ready to meet a good guy who is actually nice to her.

Lex Lindquist

Lex Lindquist has been part of the Miami, Florida dating scene for a cool minute but he’s over it. He is a business owner who plans events which means he’s got his life figured out. He’s ready to plan a bright future with the right person.

Nickole Ciszak

Nickole Ciszak is twenty-two years old and working as a marketing manager in New Jersey. She was born on April Fool’s Day making her a fiery Aries. Aries individuals are known for being very passionate when it comes to love.

Rocky Buttery

Rocky Buttery is a thirty-one-year-old model who lives in Delray Beach, Florida. Models are known for being very attractive & confident . . . he seems to be both! He enjoys being athletic and workouts are something he prioritizes. He hopes to find a partner who cares about that stuff just as much.

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