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Your horoscope for 2021 may be important, but don't just stop there. Find out your lucky color this year, and let your wardrobe bring you good luck!

Forget your horoscope: What’s your lucky color in 2021?

Astrology has never had a larger, more captivated audience than it does today. The Twittersphere, Tumblrsphere, Instasphere and even Facebook (whatbook?) are brimming with astrology pages, memes, and infographics to help Gen Z navigate their lives. 

Astrology may soon be considered the Zoomer religion, as young people refer to their charts on apps like CoStar & The Pattern to help trudge through each passing day, and of course, to size up compatible potential dates (Scorpios need not apply). 

Astrology fans yearn to delve deeper, as deep as the deepest oceans, into their charts and find out the secrets that lie therein. Already know your 2021 horoscope? Checked your apps for each month of the coming year? Well, there’s some new tools in the stars for help with the coming year.

Your 2021 horoscope doesn’t stop with your astrological sign; Business Insider reports each sign has an associated lucky color to go along with your sign and bring good fortune in the coming year. Look below for the shade that best suits you.


First up, people born between March 21st & April 20th: the firecrackers we know as the Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, they’re known as fiery people so . . . can you guess which lucky color will bring them the best 2021 horoscope? Rams should look to red this year.


Bulls born between April 21st & May 21st can look to pink to help them out in the coming year. Surprised? These notoriously stubborn folks are ruled by Venus, so they have its delicate pink color to guide them through a great 2021 horoscope.


Unsurprisingly, twin signs born between May 22nd & June 21st get two colors to guide them: yellow & green. These two colors will direct Gemini toward positive energies in 2021.


Those born between June 22nd & July 22nd are lucky enough to have five colors to guide them. White, cream, silver, red, and yellow are lucky for Cancers, and prioritizing these soft colors over bright & dark shades will yield a more positive 2021 horoscope.


Lions born between July 23rd & August 21st only need to look at the coat of their spiritual animal for their lucky color; gold will prove most helpful to Leos. The sun rules the wild Leos, and colors like gold, red, and orange best suit them for success.


Those with birthdays between August 22nd & September 23rd have a spread of colors to look toward for success. The Earth sign is best suited with blue, green, white, and light yellow and should stay away from fiery colors like red & orange.


Those who hold the scales, born between September 24th & October 23rd should choose between orange & white for their lucky colors. White & light blue are okay too, just stick to soft colors and know that red is a no-no.


People like Drake, born between October 24th & November 22nd have a few colors to choose from to help them throughout the year. White, red, chocolate and orange will help Scorpios, but stay away from blue & green or you might get stung!


People with birthdays between November 23rd & December 22nd are ruled by Jupiter, the happy-go-lucky planet, and can look to its orange & yellow hues for good luck.


People born between December 23rd & January 20th are cool enough to have moody purple & black be their lucky shades in their 2021 horoscope. Dark brown & dark green work too, so Caps might want to break out their inner goth in the coming year.


Unsurprisingly, light blue is the lucky color for people born between January 21st and February 19th. Like a clear untouched ocean, light colors are the way to go for the successful Aquarius in 2021.


People born between Feb 20th & March 20th can look to orange in their daily life to point them in the right direction for their 2021 horoscope. They’re co-ruled by Jupiter, and lining up with the planet’s color is the way to go for the freaky fish.

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