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We ambled over to Drake’s Instagram account to check out the baby and dad action. Here’s all the cute moments we could find of Drake with Adonis.

Drake as a dad: The cutest Instagram posts featuring his son

Drake became a father in 2018. Initially, the rapper did not disclose the birth of his only son, Adonis, to the world. Instead, he chose to hold onto the information and release the news to his fans through his music in his own time. This is not entirely uncommon. Many celebrities choose to keep their children far away from the public eye. Drake, it seems, is no longer attempting to do that. 

Since the news dropped that he is, in fact, a father, Drake has periodically published photos of his son on his Instagram account. In 2020 through the holiday season, Drake has shared several adorable photos of himself with Adonis on social media. The world is swooning. 

We ambled over to Drake’s Instagram account to check out the baby and daddy action. Here’s all the cute moments we could find of Drake with his son, Adonis. 

Getting ready

Oh, our ovaries! On December 17, 2020, Drake shared this photo, clearly taken by someone else, of him helping Adonis get ready for the day. Despite the bright blue durag that Drake is clearly fastening to his son’s head, the pair appear to be somewhat matched in all-black outfits. The collective swoon could be heard loud and clear the moment these images dropped. It’s not hard to see why!

Thanksgiving rest

Over the Thanksgiving holiday period, Drake published this image of himself napping, all squashed up next to Adonis. The three-year-old, who is clearly watching television and munching on snacks while his dad sleeps, is so adorable with his curls braided off his face. 

Apart from the sweetness that was captured in the adorable moment, we couldn’t help but notice how perfectly sculpted Drake’s eyebrows are. While the rest of us have been struggling through quarantine brow drama, it’s clear that Drake has managed to keep his looking sharp and on point! We see you, sir!

Birthday celebrations

Clearly, this picture was snapped during Drake’s family’s birthday celebration for Adonis this year. Those are some of the most adult looking birthday party decorations we’ve ever seen for a three-year-old celebration. 

The best thing about this photo is, without a doubt, Adonis’ head full of unruly curls flopping about his face. We didn’t think we could have a higher rate of hair envy if we tried. The kid is simply gorgeous. 

Mommy’s birthday wishes

On the eve of Adonis’ third birthday this year, his mom, Sophie Brussaux also posted this birthday tribute to her son on her Instagram page. Adonis is clearly meant to be dressed as an astronaut. Adonis is cute as a button in his little space suit with his golden curls protruding from his ‘helmet’. Clearly, Drake and Sophie make super good-looking kids!

First day of school

The obligatory first day of school photo is a must for all parents. While most first day of school photos are usually dorky and make great ammunition for parents to embarrass their kids as they get older, this one is anything but that. 

Radiating the same boss energy that his dad does, Adonis is standing in front of that car like he was born to command a camera. Dressed in all black with his hair braided off his head, the kid is looking at that camera with the cutest, most perfect little three-year-old pout. 

A quick scroll through the comments and the likes reveals all the high profile celebrities weighing in and congratulating Drake on this monumental dad moment. 


We couldn’t uwu louder if we tried! Drake posted this photo back on Father’s Day and it’s clear that the apple of his eye has clearly just woken up for the day. His cute little starry pajamas, his unruly hair positively shooting in every direction, and his tiny, little sleepy eyes? Excuse us while we go and cry tears of joy over in the corner for a moment. 

Father and son

Drake posted this photo of himself with Adonis on March 30, 2020. At that time, the United States was a couple of weeks into its first COVID-19 lockdown. Drake posted a long and heartfelt message of love & light, which clearly Adonis brings plenty of to his dad’s life. 

Masking up

Sophie Brussaux, Adonis’ mom, posted this photo on her own Instagram account on September 9, 2020. Both mom and Adonis are responsibly masked up and clearly being safe as they head out for their day. Adonis’ little backpack and super trendy shoes are nothing short of adorable!

Curls, curls, curls

We stumbled across this little gem of iddy biddy baby Adonis and his mommy while browsing both parent’s Instagram pages. Clearly an older shot, Adonis is so small here, but still clearly the same happy little fella we know him to be now. And seriously, just look at that head of hair. We couldn’t be more in love with his curls if we tried!

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