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Not enough Drake memes for your liking? Take a look at these gems cut from the Drake and Justin Bieber "Popstar" music video.

Drake memes: The best jokes to come from his surprise video

One of the most popular songs of summer 2020 is “Popstar,” a collaborative track from DJ Khaled & Drake. On Sept. 4, the music video for “Popstar” was released. Despite Drake being the voice of the song, the video features Justin Bieber walking around a mansion party, lip-syncing Drake’s lyrics. 

Bieber is one of the biggest pop stars in the music industry so having him represent the “popstar” lifestyle makes sense. The “Popstar” music video has plenty of funny moments and the internet is having a blast with them. Here are some funny Drake memes from the “Popstar” video. 

The return of Bizzle

From 2013-2015, Bieber used the rap name “Bizzle.” While he has not used this name in a while, fans saw Bieber rapping to the song as a message that the return of “Bizzle” is coming. 

Bieber’s 2020 makeover

2020 started off rough for Bieber as he was dealing with Lyme disease and was shown in photos looking skinny & sickly. In the video, Bieber looks much stronger, healthier, and more confident. It is quite the transition from the beginning of the year and fans are glad to see Bieber doing better

Selena Gomez & Bieber drama is back?

One of the lyrics in the song is “Selena Gomez.” Bieber & Gomez dated for a while, but broke up in 2012 and then had an off-and-on relationship for a couple of years after. Bieber is now happily married to Hailey Bieber, so while lip-syncing Gomez’s name may mean nothing, fans still want to stir the tea. 

Confused Drake

There are already a couple of popular Drake memes templates. This is a potential new one as Drake looks confused at his phone after seeing DJ Khaled repeatedly asking him to make the “Popstar” music video. Drake’s confused expression can be used as a way of people showing their confusion towards relatable situations

Drake’s heart cut

Some people have noticed the heart-shape that is shaved into Drake’s hair. It is a unique hairstyle and fans certainly have their share of opinions on this unconventional choice from Drake.

Hailey Bieber jealousy

Bieber has been a heartthrob in modern pop culture. At the end of “Popstar,” Bieber wakes up in bed next to Hailey explaining that the video had been all a dream. He & Hailey then take their dog on a nice stroll. For many, Hailey is living the life with Bieber that they all wish they had. 

Bieber and Drake’s evolution in the 2010’s

This is not the first time that Drake & Bieber have appeared in the same music video. In 2010, Drake appeared in Bieber’s music video for “Baby.” Now, in 2020, Bieber is starring in Drake’s music video for “Popstar,” and both look completely different, especially Bieber. 

Bieber & Drake are two of the biggest figures in the music video and they both know how to capture the world’s attention.

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