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There are plenty of coronavirus memes on the Internet as we continue to practice social distancing and other safety measures. Here they are!

Bored of coronavirus? Here are the most relatable memes now

With all of us under lockdown and in quarantine due to COVID-19, there is a sense of understanding with our ancestors. Like you know how skipping rhymes from the days of old were actually about horrible events or the plague? Living through a plague ourselves and cracking jokes on the internet, the coronavirus memes are our skipping rhymes.

There are plenty of coronavirus memes on the Internet as we continue to practice social distancing and other safety measures. Humans, most times, turn to comedy during the darkest hours. And this is one of our darkest yet. So here’s some memes about the absurdity of existence during this time to make you chuckle.

1. No weeks – only weekends

Our collective sense of time is messed up now that we’re at home everyday. There is no “week”. There is only the weekend, split into small and big respectively. Big weekend is not as great as a small weekend.

2. 4/20 – April 2020

2020 has been a pretty garbage year so far with tragic deaths, near miss wars, Australia on actual fire, and now COVID-19. There is a bright side. This is the month of 4/20. Blaze. It.


This meme was made in March 2020, which felt like a million years. Yet, unfortunately, a year only lives one year. We still have more of 2020. 

4. Restaurants – we miss you

It’s only until restaurants shut down their dine-in options that we realize how much we miss them. Many places are still doing curbside pick-up and delivery, but double check with your area. And tip any and all people working during this well, you hear?

5. Someone we can truly relate to

This woman is all of us and we are this woman. BRB while we go alphabetize our bathroom medicine cabinet to stave off the boredom.

6. New sport

Since the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been delayed until 2021, maybe we can find a way to get Roomba Curling made into a sport there.

7. Struggle remains forever real

We need to remain inside and not go out too often in order to flatten the curve for the spread of the coronavirus. On the other hand, Twix.

8. We touch ourselves too much

It’s amazing how often we touch our faces and don’t realize it until someone tells us that we can’t do it anymore.


Hand washing and sanitizer will dry out your hands. So try to use some hand cream or do a hand mask to help so your skin doesn’t crack and bleed. 

10. And this is how The Shining got started, huh?

Redrum! Redrum!

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