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The realest memes that describe our coronavirus quarantine

Somehow, March has ended. With everything going on, it felt like March was its own decade at this rate. The quarantine has just gotten longer thanks to lack of listening skills of certain people. So it’s time for a new medication. 

By new medication, we mean more quarantine memes. The only good thing about this going on is the memes have been straight fire. Granted, we also want our normal routines back sometime soon. 

This is a complete Catch 22

You can’t be alone, but you have to be alone if you want to stay healthy. There’s no winning either way. 

Can this get any worse?

As we’ve learned from the locust plagues in Africa and the possibility of more hurricanes than usual this year, 2020 can definitely get worse. 

What’s the point of being helpful?

Look, we know this is just as hard on the colleges and professors as it is the students. But not being open and honest is causing more issues. 

Luis tells the story of 2020

We hope Antman 3 includes Luis going over the disaster of a year that was 2020, right after he recaps Endgame

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we still go

We’re saluting those who are still being forced to go to work in all this madness because they work for an essential business. You’re doing the hard job and we’re so thankful for it. 

“I can’t believe I married you”

When the divorce rate goes up after this is all over, no one is going to be surprised. 

“So what are you doing in quarantine?”

While most people are passing the time with Netflix or video games, some are getting a lot more creative. 

Stay. Inside.

We want this all over, and if you don’t actually stay inside unless you’re getting something essential, you’re making it a lot worse. 

Stay off Facebook Mom

The amount of misinformation spreading in all this is maddening. So help your older relatives out by telling them to stop sharing conspiracy theory videos on Facebook.

Can we go back to Summer 2016?

Seriously, nothing has been right since that summer. We need to go back and save the world from madness.

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