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In times of fear, we turn to nature to remind us why we live. Find out what your spirit animal is with our personality quiz!

Who is your spirit animal? Take our eye-opening quiz and find out

We all need a little bit of happiness in this quarantine madness: something to remind us that we’re alive and strong enough to survive this. In times of need, we look to our animal brethren to guide us through. Granted, mostly we’re just using them as our pets to cuddle up with.

But the Native Americans have a great point: inside all of us is the soul of an animal. We’re all connected back to the days before we naked apes roamed the Earth, and it’s through the “lower” (i.e. cuter) animal that represents us best. So if you’re in need of helping unlock your spirit animal, we got you covered.

Take our spirit animal quiz below to help guide you towards your natural self. And tweet your animal to us @FilmDailyNews so we can see the beautiful creatures inside all of us!

Awaken the spirit animal inside you with our quiz!

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