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All holidays are a capitalist strategy, nonetheless, let's converse about how Valentine's day is. here's all you need to know about this holiday.

Is anything more cliché/ entertaining than a storyline about love on an island? Here's what we know about Jacques and more after 'Love Island'.

More and more young people are turning to competition shows for true love. Is ITV's 'Love Island' the perfect solution or just an attractive illusion?

Known for her role on the hit reality series 'Love Island', Molly-Mae Hague has now gotten backlash for her statements about wealth inequality and more.

There is plenty an unfunny video on YouTube that is trending, while the funniest remains undiscovered. Get ready to laugh and dive into some of them here!

'Naked and Afraid of Love' may be the end all be all of reality TV. Strip down the story and find out what has led us to the

The raunchiness of dating show hook-ups has viewers . . . well, hooked. But has it gone too far? Here's what former reality TV show contestants have to

'Love Island' is more than halfway through season 7. Dive into the story and find out if this season will be the last time we see new islanders.

Trash TV isn’t limited to the United States. Check out ‘Acapulco Shore’ and seven other enjoyably bad foreign shows.