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'Love Island' is more than halfway through season 7. Dive into the story and find out if this season will be the last time we see new islanders.

‘Love Island’: Will season 7 be this controversial show’s last?

Love Island has given audiences a new kind of reality dating series, and one which seems to have changed the direction of reality dating shows forever. The show has sweeped up audiences since its inception, and only continues to snatch up viewers as more spinoff series pop up around the world.

However, Love Island has continued to evolve, and some fans are worried the series has veered off too far from how the franchise began. Now, the British series is on season 7, and fans & haters alike are wondering if the show will finally come to an end. So what’s the story with season 7 of Love Island, and why might this group of episodes be the show’s last? Are you chuffed up for answers? Dive into our story below.


Love Island as we know the series began in 2015 when a revival of a similar celebrity-based dating show began in the UK. While most reality dating shows focus on fights, forced plotlines, and blowouts all captured on several shaky steadicams, Love Island brought audiences something totally new.

The show is shot with dozens of stationary cameras placed around the series’ titular island, and provides a much more laid back, lazy feel. Most of the time on the show, we watch the himbos & Instagram model islanders lay around in the sun all day drinking water, and occasionally pulling one another aside for “chats”.

The show’s hypnotic nature was captured & promoted on HBO’s hit series Euphoria when the series showcased Love Island’s particularly wholesome fourth season in 2019. 

Is the reason Love Island was such a hit because of the good-natured feel of the show which forgoed the toxic catiness of shows like The Bachelor? We can’t say for sure, but fans have certainly made quite a stink about Love Island’s most recent season 7.


Sky News reported on Wednesday that Friday’s episode of Love Island season 7 received nearly 25,000 complaints. Reports say the complaints come from a less than uplifting display which went down during the episode. The drama comes from a toxic challenge the producers laid down on the islanders called Mad Moves. 

During the challenge, the islanders were shown secret footage of each other (uh oh) and the results were less than pleasant. Faye Winter exploded on Teddy Soares after seeing some footage which made her feel more than mugged off. Winter felt positively pied when she was shown a video of Soares telling Clarisse Juliette he was attracted to her in a flirty back & forth behind the scenes.

However, Love Island may have redeemed itself in terms of good-heartedness. The couple has since patched things up and apologized for the way the two spoke to each other during their heated argument. So where did all the complaints come from?

Emotional wellbeing

Complaints would appear to have come from the nasty exchange between the islanders, regardless of their eventual make up. 

The show’s ITV responded to complaints saying “We take the emotional wellbeing of all the islanders extremely seriously . . . We have dedicated welfare producers and psychological support on hand at all times . . . All the islanders are therefore fully supported by the professionals on site and by their friends in the villa. Islanders can always reach out and talk to someone if they feel the need”.

If you are wondering why the islanders’ mental health is so impressively considered on Love Island, there is a good reason. Gulf News reported in February 2020 of the show’s three suicides coming to its contestants after the massive exposure from the show had harrowing effects on the lives of its cast.

There has been no official word about Love Island’s recent complaints leading to an end of the series.

What’s your favorite season of Love Island? Let us know in the comments below!

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