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After the iconic red jeep was spotted on a film lot in London, the news came out. 'Love Island' is back in the UK! Check out the rumored new stars here!

‘Love Island’ UK begins filming: Who’s joining the salacious cast?

Popular British reality dating show Love Island is back for a second season, Love Island 2021. Host Laura Whitmore has been spotted in London on what appears to be a film set. Seen on the same set was the iconic red Jeep that contestants were driven to the villa in during the previous season. 

Whitmore confirmed the rumors with an Instagram post where she posed on the steps of what appears to be a trailer. Throughout Barking in East London the show’s signature personalized suitcases were spotted, as well as a giant inflatable flamingo, and dozens of tropical plants that otherwise would not be there. 

It looks like Love Island 2021 has a set, but does it have a cast? It sure does! Here is what we know about the rumored names joining the cast of Love Island 2021

Holly Ramsay

Holly Ramsay is one of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s children. Somewhere in the middle of his squad, Holly has a twin brother and is no stranger to the spotlight. Throughout her childhood, she was often spotted with her father at parties & industry events. 

The twenty-one-year-old worked part-time in a fashion boutique before being signed to EST Models. She now works as a model and an Instagram influencer. She has a healthy following of 238,000 followers at the moment. 

The U.S. Sun reported that a source close to the young woman revealed that she is, in fact, joining the cast of Love Island 20201, revealing: “Holly is the big signing — she’s the one they really wanted to get . . . It’s taken months of talks but Holly’s now committed to it . . . She’s a very exciting addition to the cast and will be a massive hit with the viewers.” 

Harley Benn

Harley Benn is a twenty-four-year-old professional boxer with a record of nine bouts, eight wins, and one loss. The athlete had an interesting beginning to his life. He was the product of an affair and his father rejected the idea that Harley was his son until a paternity test confirmed the truth. 

Reports explained Benn was chosen because he already has quite a large following. He is already popular and attracts a lot of attention from the opposite sex”. 

The U.S. Sun reported: “He’s had video meetings with the casting team and everyone is very excited at the prospect of having him on the show.” If the rumors are indeed true, Benn will be the second boxer to star on this show. 

Alexis Bailey 

Bombshell Alexis Bailey was the Miss Manchester Runner-Up in 2019. Bailey is recently single and apparently ready to mingle as she eagerly accepted her place on the Love Island 2021 lineup. 

She boasts a very sexual public personality. She often talks about how flexible she is, and couples her descriptions of all the things her body can do with suggestive photographic evidence. She also works as an aerial dancer, so it’s likely she gets her flexibility from that. 

She has a page on an adult subscription website where she describes herself a “petite dancer” that is “fetish friendly.” Watch this space – we anticipate big things from her addition to the show!

Dr. Toluwa Adepeju

Not an entertainment personality, the very handsome twenty-five-year-old doctor has been working recently as a frontline COVID-19 nurse. He used his position on the COVID-19 frontline to try and educate others about self-isolation and vaccinations on Instagram. 

Other than being described as modest, down to earth, and invested in his career, little else is known about the handsome, young man. Watch this space as the show unfolds!

Jay Munro

Scottish born Jay Munro is no stranger to the small screen. In 2019 he appeared on The Voice Australia and gained quite an internet following. Described as handsome & athletic, Munro is expected to be quite the crowd favorite. 

He already does modeling work with popular brands, and prior to that was a successful footballer. He has an Instagram following that is quickly approaching 200,000 followers. His confidence is expected to be quite popular among the ladies. 

Alisha Lemay

The twenty-eight-year-old social media influencer is rumored to have been selected for this show because of her body image positivity, her fun loving personality, and her impressive cadre of celebrity friends

As a social media influencer, Lemay already works with brands such as Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, and ASOS. 

We’re excited to see what shenanigans this potential group of heartthrobs brings to our screens!

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