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Wondering why your favorite cast members left 'Love Island'? Noah Purvis shared the real reason he left 'Love Island' so soon.

Is the ‘Love Island’ cast abandoning ship? Dive into the ex-rated details

Being stranded on an island full of attractive people is bound to lead you to the love of your life, right? Reality TV competition series Love Island aims to create romantic relationships by having men & women participate in tasks with various partners until they find their other half. 

After only a few days on Love Island, heart-throb Noah Purvis was “eliminated” from the show. Was he too good looking to compete against? Perhaps he was just too nice? Fans of the reality series were confused to see Purvis suddenly cut in the middle of season 2. 

Purvis has finally gone public with the real reason he left Love Island so soon. 

Blast from the past

Purvis revealed he was “eliminated” from the show after producers learned he had  previously appeared in adult films. The twenty-four-year-old stated, “They decided to pull me because they found out that I had been in pornography in the past.” He also added that producers took him aside as if they “were going to do a normal interview with me.” 

Instead, Purvis was surprised when the producers of Love Island told him he was going to be taken off the show. “I was shocked. I was like, ‘What do you mean? I have only been here for three days. I have done everything I was supposed to . . . I am being myself. What am I doing wrong?’”

The producers of Love Island explained Purvis didn’t inform them of his past. They said: “You are doing great. You just didn’t tell us something you had previously done. You went by another alias.” Purvis said he tried to think back as to what he did wrong until it finally clicked in his brain; his pornography past had back to haunt him. 

Heads hung low

After his discussion with the Love Island producers, Purvis was distraught that he’d no longer be on the show but more so because the news had gone public. He stated, “I felt like I had disappointed people, not just the producers, but my family, because they had no idea about these things, previous people I have dated, I just felt like a failure.”

Purvis said the difficulty of handling the news affected his mental health. He stated that he “had a meltdown” and went to see a therapist “right away.” According to Purvis, he is still in therapy and has been opening up about his past and how it affected his future. 

CBS & ITV America issued a joint statement regarding Purvis’s removal from the show, which read: “It has been brought to our attention that cast member Noah Purvis provided false information on his application to Love Island, which violates his contestant agreement.” 

Coming to terms

Purvis has taken to social media to thank the Love Island cast for the time he spent on the show. A recent post of his read: “OHANA means family . . . FAMILY means no one gets left behind or forgotten. All of you out here have made me feel this and I can’t express how loved I feel for the first time in my life.” (Who knows, maybe he’d already met his soulmate. Sigh.)

Purvis took to social media again posting: “But I won’t let them break me down to dust. I know that there’s a place for us. Enough hiding who you are and what’s happened in the past! Take off the covers and be bold! Today you are HERE and you have PURPOSE! You are not alone because we are OHANA!”

Purvis has learned to deal with being removed from the show positively; a recent post of his reads: “Your past doesn’t define who you are. You determine who, what, how and where you’ll end up. I am truly proud of who I am today and excited for what is next!”

Noah Purvis ended up finding love on Love Island after all as there’s love no purer than the one you have with yourself!  

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