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'Love Island USA' season two has officially been delayed. We’ve compiled some fan favorite cast moments of season one.

‘Love Island’ is cancelled for 2020! Here are its best cast moments

Love Island USA season two has officially been delayed. Which is fair – it would be an understatement to say it’s ill-advised to be filming a show where strangers get into close quarters and attempt to date right now.

However, this means fans of CBS’s new hot reality show are sadly left waiting and wondering when they’ll get to sit down and live tweet their opinions on the newest cast of islanders. So, to help anyone chomping at the bit for more Love Island we’ve compiled some fan favorite moments of season one.

Zac and Elizabeth post hideaway

First up, Zac and Elizabeth – a fan favorite couple – joining back up with the other islanders after spending a night in the hideaway. Is it love? Are you married? All the girls ask as Elizabeth casually walks in.

Social Bingo

The islanders enter a competition to guess what the internet has been saying about them on Twitter. Who do they love? Who do they think is stone cold? The revelations will keep the islanders guessing.

Oh yeah, and they didn’t hide anyone’s usernames, so if someone really took it to heart they could’ve tweeted back when they got off the island.

A little love for Arielle

Okay, let’s be real, host Arielle Vandenberg knows how to make an entrance. So, here’s a minute long compilation of Arielle working it for the camera as she struts onto set. Seriously, Victoria’s Secret models should be quaking.

Kelsey says goodbye

Not all the best moments are fun ones, and this clip is a perfect example. Kelsey very maturely decided to exit the game on her own terms. The repercussion of this, however, was two men also had to leave. Tears fall, encouraging words are said, and hearts break.

Girl talk

The show may be a competition, but the girls still have to talk stuff out. Here we see the things intensify as the ladies of the island start questioning Dylan’s trustworthiness.

Mouth to mouth

This competition is, well let’s be honest, it’s pretty gross. However, that means it also sticks out in many people’s minds. So it made it onto the list as one of the memorable moments of season one.

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  • I am soo sad the show is delayed, i pray that Johnny and Cy ,, Caleb and his Conglese girl stay together i love them for each other. I hope for weddings and i need an invitation, i hope Cy s mother gets better!

    September 28, 2020

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