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The second 'Euphoria' special episode is out, this one shining a light on Jules. We're breaking down how Jules’s story evolved and what could happen next.

Need some more Billie Eilish in your life? Good news, Billie Eilish has collaborated with Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía for a new song. Eilish, one of the youngest Grammy

Después de dos años de espera, la colaboración más esperada ya está aquí. Checa la nueva canción de Billie Eilish y Rosalía.

Calling all 'Euphoria' lovers – a trailer featuring the special episode about Jules has been released. Check out the sparkly new trailer here.

Genial, premio doble. Checa el nuevo tráiler de la serie de HBO 'Euphoria' que vendrá acompañado de la colaboración de Rosalía y Billie Eilish.

Zendaya has come a long way since her Disney days, so what does her net worth look like now? Find out how much this talented actress is making

Season 1 of HBO’s 'Euphoria' became a worldwide sensation after its release. Will there be a special episode revolving around Jules? Let’s dive in.

¡Se adelantó el estreno del capítulo especial de 'Euphoria'! Entérate de los detalles sobre la segunda temporada de esta serie.

Can't wait for 'Euphoria' season 2? Here's what we know about what's to come for your favorite characters.