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Were nude photos fueling Mia Goth’s viral fistfight?

During the filming of MaXXXine, the latest in a trilogy by director Ti West, a background actor, James Hunter, claims Goth kicked him in the head, causing a concussion. This wasn’t just any scene; it was one where Goth, in character, had to run and step over Hunter, who lay on the ground as a “Dead Parishioner.” 

The lawsuit alleges that after a close call in a previous take, Goth intentionally kicked Hunter in the head during the next shot. Hunter’s ordeal didn’t end with the kick. He describes taunting and belittling from Goth and a painful journey home, symptomatic of a head injury. The next day

brought more disappointment as Hunter was informed that his presence on the set was no longer required. The incident not only raises questions about on-set safety but also about the treatment of background actors in the industry.

Goth’s Journey: From ‘Nymphomaniac’ to ‘MaXXXine’

Mia Goth’s journey in Hollywood is nothing short of meteoric. Since her debut in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, Goth has become a sought-after name, impressing audiences in Suspiria, High Life, and Emma. Her performances in X and Pearl, both part of Ti West’s horror trilogy, have significantly boosted her profile.

Goth’s choice of roles reflects her deep respect for a director’s vision. She believes in the importance of trusting the person at the helm. This philosophy led her to Infinity Pool, directed by Brandon Cronenberg. Her decision to join this project was driven by Cronenberg’s unique world view and thought-provoking storytelling style.

When discussing her approach to acting, Goth emphasizes instinct. Whether to dial up the intensity or opt for subtlety, she relies on her gut feeling, considering her character’s journey and the day’s requirements. She cites the role of Pearl as transformative, challenging her limits and reshaping her confidence and sense of self.

Pop Culture Impact and Future Aspirations

Goth’s recognition of Pearl and X’s impact on pop culture is mixed with a sense of detachment. Looking forward, she expresses a desire to take on roles in different languages and genres, always seeking new challenges. Her admiration for directors like Andrea Arnold highlights her preference for character-driven stories over plot-heavy narratives.

Just as bold in her fashion choices as she is in her roles, Goth embraces a philosophy of ‘less is more’. She leans towards timeless pieces with a modern twist, collaborating with designers to create strong yet classic looks.

Goth is particularly excited about MaXXXine, which she believes will be the best in the trilogy. She describes it as having the most compelling script and highest stakes. As the team reunites for this final chapter, their shared experiences and understanding promise an even more compelling outcome.

As Goth prepares for MaXXXine, she balances the rigor of script study with the spontaneity needed on set. This blend of preparation and in-the-moment creativity is perhaps what makes her performances so captivating.

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