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Known for her role on the hit reality series 'Love Island', Molly-Mae Hague has now gotten backlash for her statements about wealth inequality and more.

24 hours: What does influencer Molly-Mae Hague think about money?

It seems that this wouldn’t be the first or last time a reality TV star proved just how out of touch with reality they truly are. Molly-Mae Hague, who found fame after appearing on the dating show Love Island, has found herself in some seriously boiling hot water after revealing her opinions on wealth & opportunity. Yeah, we’re sure you already know where this is headed. 

In a recent interview, Molly-Mae Hague opined that she has worked immensely hard for where she’s at now and that “​​we all have the same 24 hours in a day” to be as successful as herself. Tone-deaf? Yeah. Has she reflected at all on her statements? Absolutely not. Try to find logic in the full statement and her other comments on fame & fortune below.

Do we all have the same opportunities as Hague?

The former Love Island star has been criticized for her remarks made in a December interview with Steven Bartlett on his podcast Diary of a CEO

Hague argued that despite everyone’s different backgrounds, financial situations, health issues, etc. that “we all have the same 24 hours in a day” to be wealthy and successful. She detailed, “You’re given one life and it’s down to you what you do with it. You can literally go in any direction.”

After her appearance on the British reality dating show, Hague utilized her massive social media following to become an influencer. She then went on to start her own tanning product line and became a creative director for the clothing brand Pretty Little Thing.

“When I’ve spoken about that in the past I have been slammed a little bit, with people saying ‘it’s easy for you to say that because you’ve not grown up in poverty, so for you to sit there and say we all have the same 24 hours in a day is not correct. But, technically, what I’m saying is correct. We do,” the reality star continued.

“So I understand that we all have different backgrounds and we’re all raised in different ways and we do have different financial situations, but I do think if you want something enough, you can achieve it. It just depends to what lengths you want to go to get where you want to be in the future. And I’ll go to any lengths. I’ve worked my absolute a**e off to get where I am now,” she concluded.

Terrified of being normal (AKA not rich)

Hague revealed she was terrified of having a “normal job and income” like her parents. Hague explained, “Watching my parents have an ordinary life terrified me a bit. It was a bit petrifying this thought of I don’t wanna grow up in this house and when I’m old in my rocking chair and tell my grandkids I had this really ordinary life and ordinary job and ordinary income. I reckon I started feeling that way from around 15.”

All the (predictable) backlash Molly-Mae Hague received

As you already imagined, these sentiments didn’t quite sit well with the general public. Plenty of people went on social media to point out how Molly-Mae Hague didn’t exactly work any real labor for her fame. After appearing on one of the U.K.’s most popular reality shows, the star had endorsement deals waiting for her.

One person tweeted: “She literally just went on a TV dating show and got brand deals, I’m not sure she ‘worked here a**e off’’”.

“So funny that people have gassed her up so much that she feels comfortable to be able to say this,” another commented. “She’s always been well off and for her to say this is so tone deaf.”

What are your thoughts on Molly-Mae Hague’s comments? Let us know in the comments below!

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