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Is anything more cliché/ entertaining than a storyline about love on an island? Here's what we know about Jacques and more after 'Love Island'.

Exactly how much money did Jacques make from his ‘Love Island’ stint?

Is anything more cliché/ entertaining than a storyline about love on an island? A reality show on a desert island! Love Island is undoubtedly one of the biggest reality shows in recent years. Featuring a diverse array of contestants looking for love, drama, and plenty of fun, it’s no wonder why fans tune in from all corners of the world. But who are the most memorable cast members? 

February is the month of love right? We’ve all eventually succumbed to dating apps wishing to find a worthy match, although finding love in this century is one of the most difficult things. We’re collectively transforming sour ideas of love, women are each time standing more fierce than ever for their interests and sexuality is each time inclusive, but also complex.

Finding a couple is such a hard task, that sometimes, all we need to do is lie down on a sofa and watch a rom-com or a love reality show, just like Love Island! It doesn´t matter if you do believe in love or not, you’ll get entertained for sure. Here’s Film Daily’s selection of the most memorable characters of this show, the so-called honor roll. Let’s take a look at some of the stand-out stars from Love Island!

Samira Mighty

First up is Samira Mighty. Samira quickly became a fan favorite thanks to her bubbly personality and positive attitude toward everyone. Whether she was enjoying fun dates with people or fighting to stay on the island after being dumped by her partner, always put on a brave face and earned her place as one of Love Island’s most beloved members.

Kem Cetinay 

Next, we have Kem Cetinay who, alongside Amber Davies, won season 3. He won us over with his loyalty to Amber despite many obstacles thrown their way and his hilarious conversations with co-stars Chris Hughes & Jonny Mitchell which kept us entertained throughout the series! remember that loyalty is one of the most important virtues in a person, no matter the context!

Jack Fincham

Then there’s Jack Fincham who came out as an unexpected winner during season 4. His funny one-liners mixed with his down-to-earth demeanor made him a hit with viewers – so much so that he was named “King” by other contestants during his time on the show! This is a great example of resilience and how first looks can give a surprising change, so never judge someone on the first look. 

Maura Higgins

Finally, Maura Higgins joined Love Island in season 5 and stole everyone’s hearts within minutes thanks to her take-charge attitude and undeniable charm. Whether it was her sassiness or fiery debates she had with co-stars like Molly Mae Hague or Tommy Fury, Maura became one of Love Island’s most talked about cast members overnight.

Final Thoughts

Love Island has been full of unforgettable moments since its inception – but none would be complete without its talented cast members! From Kem and Samira to Jack and Maura – these are just a few examples of some stand-out characters whose stories will stay in our hearts forever! Nonetheless, each season brings a whole different experience through the individuality of the characters. 

Although it is a reality show we’re talking about, please have in mind that romantic relationships are way more complex than portrayed in the show. Also, is famous people we’re talking about, who live from their images and have access to several aesthetic procedures. One big myth of romantic love is that we need to look in a certain way to deserve to be in a relationship, yet that’s all lies!

Tell us what you think about our character selection in the comments below! 

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