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We all have our guilty pleasures. Don’t worry – no one’s judging here! If you liked 'The Circle', watch these cringey shows now.

‘The Circle’: Indulge your guilty pleasures with these cringey shows

We all have our guilty pleasures. Don’t worry – no one’s judging here! After all, after a long day of hard work, you deserve to indulge in whatever keeps you happy, whether it be a cringey & outdated drama show from the 2000s or a raunchy reality television show like The Circle. While some may stick up their noses and prefer critically acclaimed television, we say “screw those snobs” and let us enjoy what we want!

If you’re one of those folks who don’t care about Rotten Tomatoes scores or don’t care to read critic reviews, then good for you. If you’re looking for some more guilty pleasure shows that are sure to keep you entertained, then let’s take a look at some of the best shows out there that are just simply an entertaining time to watch, no matter how good or bad they may really be. 

The Circle

The Circle is a show that’s just tons of fun to indulge in, and also has a pretty cool concept. It’s a reality TV show where all of the contestants live in the same apartment building, but get this: they never actually meet face-to-face. So what’s the twist? The contestants can only communicate exclusively through their profiles they’ve created on a social media app designed specifically for the show. 

In their profiles, the contestants can choose to be whoever they want to be, whether it is their own selves or a made up “Catfish” version that they’d like to be. Throughout the show, players will have to rate each other, which puts the lowest-rated competitors at risk of being eliminated or blocked from playing the game. Whoever ends up surviving the longest, or in other terms, being the most well-liked, wins the cash prize in the end. 

The Circle show can currently be streamed on Netflix, and we guarantee you it’ll be worth the watch if you’re looking for some trashy reality TV show content. Watch on and see who ends up being the most well loved social media personality!

Too Hot to Handle

If you’re looking for some more reality TV show goodness like The Circle, then a series like Too Hot to Handle should certainly be your next binge watch. Available to stream on Netflix, you can probably finish the first season in one night as you’ll soon be hooked in desperate to find out how it ends. So what’s it all about? Well, first imagine a group of some super hot people all gathered together on one island in one luxurious villa. 

Sounds like it’s a smooch fest waiting to happen, right? Well, get this. Once the contestants gather on the island and things are just starting to get a little bit steamy, they find out that the contestants aren’t allowed to have any sexual relations whatsoever- not even a kiss! If they let their temptations take over, money from the $100,000 cash prize gets deducted. Can these singles take on a celibacy challenge? 

Gossip Girl 

Let’s bring on the drama. Anyone growing up in the 2000s knows just how iconic this show was with its iconic outfits and memorable quotes. While revisiting this guilty pleasure can certainly make us cringe just a bit these days with just how overdramatic it can be along with some outdated technology of flip phones and cheesy text lingo (Yes, this was long before the days of the iPhone), we can all admit the show is a lot of fun.

The story all begins when it-girl Serena Van Der Woodsen comes back to the city and reunites with her BFF Blair Waldorf. Together, their juicy secrets and everyday lives are all the talk by Gossip Girl, the anonymous site dedicated to the lives of those in the rich private school. Find out all their darkest secrets as the gang tries to uncover the true identity of Gossip Girl. “XOXO”. . . .

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