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Tired of the problematic social media personalities? Check out these positive social media influencers for breathing room away from the Drama.

Social media influencers: You need to follow these up and coming stars

Social media influencers are shaking up the entertainment industry with their inspirational, amusing, and out-of-the-box content. While mainstream celebrities once took center stage, social media influencers have now started gaining people’s attention. 

Whether you want to gain a fresh perspective on popular trends, sip some tea while watching controversial drama unfold, or learn how to take breathtaking pictures, this list of up-and-coming social media influencers has something for everyone.

Samantha (Stung by Samantha on YouTube & Instagram)

Most beauty influencers are in their 20s or 30s, but Samantha of @stungbysamantha shows you can be beautiful at any age. Samantha is an expert when it comes to beauty & lifestyle tips for more mature women, though her tricks are perfectly relevant to just about anyone, regardless of age. 

Samantha created her account in order to shred society’s sloppily sewn-together duvet of stale stereotypes for women over the age of fifty. With her stunning good looks and infectious smile, she has carved a refreshing presence on the platform.

Cringey (YouTube)

Social media isn’t just about lifestyle inspiration & hobbies – it’s also a place where a new drama ensues every day. From discriminatory tweets to sketchy social media advertising practices, Cringey delves into all sorts of internet-related dramas. 

Cringey makes incredibly researched and in-depth videos which cover some of YouTube’s most problematic protégés. Cringey even confronts the various dissensions among the other tea-spilling influencers. 

Casey Aonso (YouTube)

Casey Aonso’s YouTube channel has a touch of everything from beauty to hilarious commentary. Her filter-free & down-to-earth vibe will grab your attention, while her goofy but relatable insights forewarn you that you’re in for a night of YouTube binging. She’s most famous for creating satirical videos about current pop culture trends.

Jazz Jennings (@jazzjennings_ on Instagram)

Jazz Jennings is one of a handful of influencers known for celebrating individuality and body positivity. Jennings is vocal about the highs & lows of her life as a transgender woman

In the last couple of years, Jennings has undergone multiple gender confirmation surgeries and become a national transgender figure. She also stars in the TLC reality TV series, I Am Jazz, a show focusing on her life with her family as a teenager and as a transgender youth. 

Kelly Stamps (YouTube)

Kelly Stamps’s content centers on self-help, lifestyle, and her dry sense of humor. Impressively, in her short time on YouTube, Kelly Stamps has accumulated 352K subscribers, which is quite a feat considering other new Youtubers struggle for years to gain that kind of following. 

Stamps’s unique personality & willingness to tell it like it is without apology sets her apart from other social media influencers.

Kennie J.D. (YouTube)

Kennie J.D.’s videos will make you laugh as much as they will make you ponder. She dabbles in makeup tutorials, personal storytimes, and reactions to bad movies. Kennie J.D. first rose to fame because of her Korean culture-inspired makeup & beauty tutorials but later pivoted, giving out fair & honest opinions about the latest pop culture trends while applying makeup.

J.D.’s sensible approach to pop culture issues and her cheery personality make each video a joy to watch. But keep in mind her videos typically cross the thirty-minute mark, so make sure to grab a snack or two before you start watching her videos. 

Thomas Heaton (Youtube)

A quick Google search will give you plenty of photography tutorials, but they’ll likely lack the expertise & acumen of Thomas Heaton. He’s a landscape photographer whose warm & affable personality will make you pick up your dusty camera and find picture-perfect locations to capture. His high-quality production and travels to exotic destinations only add to the appeal of his channel.

Which under-the-radar social media influencer do you think is worth our attention? Let us know in the comments!

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