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Need some new unproblematic faves? Follow these social media icons in 2021 for a much needed dose of sunshine and good vibes.

They deserve your likes: Social media icons spreading positivity in 2021

Social media has become a staple for everyone with an internet connection, but all that scrolling has numbed us to aestheticism & glamorous lifestyles, leaving us dissatisfied with our reality. However, we can streamline our feeds with positive social media icons to receive good vibes only. 

According to an article on British Vogue, it’s not only about scrolling through our social media less often – it’s also about scrolling smartly. The internet is a vast place and often, our social media feeds can unintentionally clutter up with graphic posts or icons who no longer share similar values as you and that might end up ruining our days. 

Social media manager & content curator Polly O’Connell once said: “As I get older, I realise the importance more and more of not only what I’m feeding myself as food, but what I’m feeding myself online.” It has become profoundly important to curate & enrich our social media feeds with positive icons that make, rather than break, our days. 

Let us start early spring cleaning our social media feeds in 2021 by following these accounts that are all about exuding that positivity:

Rickey Thompson

Rickey Thompson is popular all over the internet, most likely in the form of memes. Thompson’s one-man parties with quirky dance moves can make anyone having a rough day instantly brighten up. He pairs his unapologetic attitude with hilarious dance videos, making him the perfect social media influencer who provides some comic relief. 

As entertaining as Rickey Thompson can be, he gets real in his short motivational speeches that he posts from time to time to his Instagram account @rickeythompson and advocates strongly for self-love & self-respect.

Benito Skinner

Benito Skinner or @bennydrama7 on Instagram is an influencer who enacts short comedy skits based on astrology and reality TV stars like the Kardashians. Basically, Skinner is your one-stop-shop for the funniest astrological videos on the internet. 

The comfort that Benito Skinner has in expressing himself online is something we can only aspire to. Following him not only has us cackling at his humor but motivates us to be our truest selves – glitter & all.

Dan Clay

Dan Clay or better known as “Carrie Dragshaw” is an Instagram influencer who dedicated the social media account @dan_clay to replicating Carrie Bradshaw’s life from Sex and The City. The innovative take on the sitcom resulted in Dan Clay dressing up in drag and serving us looks. However, more impressive than the drag-dressing are Dan Clay’s captions imitating Carrie Bradshaw’s inner monologues from the TV show almost to the T.

Dan Clay is not only a spectacular drag queen who exudes confidence but also extremely talented in the delivery of Carrie Dragshaw’s character. We’re all in for Dan Clay!

Celeste Barber

Instagrammer Celeste Barber is one of the funniest influencers. Barber is known for recreating celebrity photoshoots, ridiculing the “perfect” imagery that the audience is fed with by comically trying them out herself. If this is the style of gimmick you’re into, you’ll be rolling watching her videos. 

Celeste Barber’s unapologetically authentic self is the highlight of her content while simultaneously making her audience laugh & realize the absurdity of media portrayal of celebrities. 

Amber Wagner

Amber Wagner or @jstlbby is a body positive Instagram influencer whose popular motivational phrase is “it’s the grind time prime time.” She’s best known for her impromptu motivational spiels which are funny & encouraging

Wagner’s go-getter attitude is inspiring & entertaining as she uses her social media account to voice her thoughts online.

Positive social media icons do exist. We just got to find the perfect ones that fit our values. Who are you following on social media that give you some sunshine-positive vibes? Let us know in the comments!

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