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Emilia Clarke is known for her role in 'Game of Thrones'. However, it looks like Clark regrets some of her sex scenes. What do you think?

Reel regret: Which sex scenes does Emilia Clarke wish she never filmed?

Sex scenes can be many things – steamy, wild, and even funny. However, making sex scenes can be awkward. After starring in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke is no stranger to showing a lot of skin on screen as Daenerys Targaryen.

In fact, most of the nude scenes in the hit HBO series involved the mother of dragons herself. There was the time she lost her clothes while striking at her enemies among the Dothraki. Before this iconic scene, though, was the character’s first sex scene with newly wedded husband Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa).

While fans loved the chemistry between the characters, their first sex scene was lacking in consent on her part. Does Emilia Clarke regret sex scenes like this? Let’s take a look into what she has to say about getting down & dirty on screen.

Game of sex

Prior to filming GOT sex scenes, Emilia Clarke had landed a few credited roles. Following the actor’s guide to making it big, she landed commercials & play productions. Clarke even landed a role in the sci-fi/horror with questionable special effects known as Triassic Park 

Then the twenty-four-year-old landed the holy grail of opportunities in a fantasy show about royal families fighting over a thorny chair. It was the chance of a lifetime and it catapulted her to international fame as well as fandom infamy.

Clarke couldn’t have prepared herself for the amount of skin she’d be showing. Game of Thrones eventually became synonymous with naked women. Clarke, herself, spent much of her time on screen with little to no clothes on. It’s no wonder the actress became more buttoned up in her roles after the series ended.

Riot on set

Emilia Clarke didn’t always agree with her sex scenes in GOT. Along with her cast, she often thought they weren’t added for a good reason. Many fans agreed and felt they went beyond the George R. R. Martin novels the show was loosely based on. However, Martin allegedly mostly appeared on set when nudity was involved, he clearly didn’t have as much of a problem. Also, gross much?

No one was as vocal or clearly heard as Clarke, though. She had no problem using her star power to bring the discussion of sex scenes in GOT to the forefront. She shared her thoughts on when she thought sex scenes were appropriate or even necessary at all.

Clarke also talked about setting boundaries and, channeling her inner Khaleesi, going so far as to hire a body double. At the same time, she was advocating for equal opportunities for nudity among male castmates.

After thrones

GOT eventually went out with a bang and a coffee cup, but Emilia Clarke has continued to thrive. Clarke seems to left her days of sex scenes & nudity behind. Instead, she’s joined other fandoms like Star Wars and the upcoming MCU mini-series Secret Invasion.

If Clarke regrets her sex scenes, then she has no need to worry while working with two partner companies of Disney. The house of mouse only recently allowed Eternals one sex scene, but it’s unlikely they’ll do it again any time soon.

The absence of sex scenes in Clarke’s newer projects seems like regret. She’s been fairly conservative in her roles since GOT. She’s even discussed the awkwardness of having watched her sex scenes with her parents. Honestly, this is awkward for anyone.

Emilia Clarke has also talked about having to argue against sex scenes in other projects. The regret seems to be over just how many sex scenes she did before she learned to advocate for herself. It also seems to be over the expectations of nudity present in her other projects. She has her regrets, but at least she got to be naked with Jason Momoa & Kit Harrington.

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  • Only a slut can be nude for money and fame. Emilia Clarke does not regret anything from Game of Thrones. Her acting was sub standard. Nudity on the show brought her international fame.

    How easy it is to get nude, make tons of money, and then say Oh I’m Sorry – I was young and did not know better.

    If Emilia Clarke had not gotten nude on Game of Thrones, now one would know her today.

    March 23, 2022

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