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Get ready for a superpower surge! Discern whose masks are tightening as Marvel Legends brace for box office breaks with thrilling origin stories, bold exploits, and fresh alter-egos.

Dive into why Harry Styles shines in 'Eternals' - his best movie yet! Exploring his cosmic charm and stellar performance.

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Emilia Clarke is known for her role in 'Game of Thrones'. However, it looks like Clark regrets some of her sex scenes. What do you think?

Many fans are shocked right now. We’ve gathered all the reasons why 'Eternals' is the worst Marvel movie ever. Follow us on this latest development.

According to film critics, 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' may not just be the worst MCU movie, but possibly the worst superhero flick ever made to date.

Is Marvel's upcoming 'Eternals' going to be the worst movie ever for the franchise? See how fans are feeling about the average reviews.

Let us now take a sneak peek into the upcoming Marvel movies after the 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings'. Spoilers Ahead!

Ready to be mind-blown? Check out what happened in the post-credit scene of Marvel's 'Eternals'. Be careful, there are plenty of insane spoilers ahead.