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Many fans are shocked right now. We’ve gathered all the reasons why 'Eternals' is the worst Marvel movie ever. Follow us on this latest development.

Here’s all the reasons why ‘Eternals’ is the worst Marvel movie ever

It’s heavily suggested that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most successful franchise of all time, striking just the right balance by selecting for “experienced inexperience,” “leveraging a stable core,” and “continually challenging the formula” and “cultivating customers’ curiosity.”

Some people have even said (in comparison) to the DC universe, Marvel has had consistent leadership for the last fifteen years or more. Another thing that has made the Marvel world flourish the way it has is the fact that all of their adaptations are true to the source material. Marvel fans can trust the stories and it’s very safe to say, it’s not going anywhere any time soon. 

There are many reasons why now is really the best time to be alive, but we won’t dive into history today. One of these reasons is we have Eternals to look forward to for soon-to-be movie nights and weekends. Eternals tells the story of a race made up of immortal beings with superhuman powers who have secretly lived on Earth for centuries (thousands of years), reuniting to battle the evil Deviants. 

At the same time, however,  some of the best stories are the ones coming with twists and turns. When the audience thinks they know what’s coming, they’re misled 一 that’s one of the things making great stories. But what about when they happen in real life? What happens when heavily anticipated stories turn out to not be what we thought they were? We’ve gathered all the reasons why Eternals is the worst Marvel movie ever. 

Box office

What’s going on with the box office? Eternals has gathered a strong $9.5 million in Previews, ahead of Shang-Chi. The oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao directed an A-listen ensemble cast including Gemma Chan, Bryan Tyree Henry, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie. 

Zhao’s Eternals began its domestic box office run with a propitious $9.5 million in Thursday previews for Disney and Marvel Studios. It’s the third-best preview number of the year to date. They’re ahead of their fellow Marvel event pic Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings which came in at $8.8 million though was behind Black Widow at $13.2 million. Sony’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage at $11.6 million. 

We’re not going to say it’s everything, it’s not but money is important. Producers may look at shows and movies one way but as artists and audiences, we look at these shows and movies as masterpieces. They’re works of art that can shape the way we think. Money is one thing but we look at the stories.


There’s the box office and then there’s the reviews. The question is though, “to what degree will middling reviews hurt Eternals? To everyone’s shock, so far, the movie is coming with the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score. The long and greatly anticipated Marvel film Eternals is at merely fifty percent. 

Eternals isn’t just at its lowest right now but of any title in the widely successful Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. But why aren’t people liking it?

One reviewer said, “Chloe’s influence is absent in this team forms break ups reform retread and it unfolds slower than an eight-room canvas.” Others are saying the film shied away from the Marvel formula, but many other fans do seem to defend Eternals saying the film isn’t at all what reviews are making it out to be. No matter what though, Eternals has clearly made history so it’ll always stay in our memories. 

Never forget that reviews are subjective, thus the best way to see if a film is worth seeing, is to simply see it yourself. Share your thoughts of Marvel’s Eternals in the comments below!

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