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Is Marvel's upcoming 'Eternals' going to be the worst movie ever for the franchise? See how fans are feeling about the average reviews.

Is ‘Eternals’ the worst Marvel movie ever?

Marvel Studios is trying to bring another group of relatively unknown superheroes to the forefront with the upcoming movie, Eternals. Directed by Academy Award winner Chloe Zhao, the film focuses on an ancient immortal race known as the Eternals, who helped humanity from the shadows before settling down into non-interference. Now, however, they are being called again to fight the Deviants.

Eternals will be released on November 5th, but the reviews are out. Well, the critics are feeling pretty divided about the movie overall. Now, the Rotten Tomato rating has ranked Eternals below Thor: The Dark World, which has a 66% on the site. Eternals sit at 63%, which is, well, still fresh, but maybe in a couple days you’ll need to throw out the tomatoes if you get our drift. 

So is Eternals truly the worst Marvel movie? How are fans feeling about the low Rotten Tomatoes score? 



Do you want things to be different or not?


Ugh, feelings

Basically, we need to find someone to have a little fun with things.



Some, however, are enjoying things being a little more atmospheric than normal.


Do you need a dictionary, friend?

And the positive reviews, to some, don’t feel all that positive.


Critics vs you

Fair reminder: go to see the movie yourself. And have fun!



Why is it a bad thing that it doesn’t “feel” like an MCU movie?


You are not wrong

Endgame was a mess. Can we say that now?


A robust box office could change their minds

Ugh. This could be bad. Maybe.



Are the dudebros having their feelings hurt?


Ah this old refrain

DC fans know this drill.

Are you going to give the Eternals movie a chance? Or will these movie reviews scare you off? Sound off in the comments to let us know your thoughts.

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