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'Shang-Chi' is doing great, making us ask: Will Marvel’s 'Eternals' get a full theatrical release? Get back to the theaters and dive in to find out!

When can we stream Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ on Disney+?

Marvel’s Shang-Chi continues to crush box office expectations, begging the question: Will Marvel’s Eternals get a full theatrical release? As the numbers for Shang-Chi continue to rise, it may seem more and more likely that, even with the delta variant still raging on, Marvel’s Eternals may not end up on Disney+ after all. 

Currently, Marvel’s Eternals is set to debut on November 5th, 2021, though no one currently knows if that will be a full release or a hybrid one on Disney+. But with Shang-Chi’s success, Marvel’s Eternals may end up on the big screen after all, especially considering how easily Shang-Chi smashed the box office during a normally slow weekend. 

Of course, many took to Twitter to discuss this new development for Marvel’s Eternals. We flew through the threads to find more information and the best reactions to the situation. Get back to the theaters as we dive into the latest news about the future of the MCU. 

Shang-Chi’s a smash hit

Currently, Marvel’s Shang-Chi has gained a three day total of around $50 million during Labor Day and while Disney has been pushing its streaming services rather aggressively, proving the popularity of the MCU even as the delta variant delays other films from theatrical release. 

“Marvel has set a remarkable standard for itself, and the opening is just below average for a Marvel series launch,” says David A. Gross, who runs the movie consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research, to Variety. “Under normal conditions, Marvel would not launch on Labor Day and the opening would be bigger.”

With Shang-Chi’s sweeping continued success, many are starting to wonder if other Marvel properties will begin to go back to a classic theatrical plan or if we should keep our Disney+ subscriptions a little longer. 

What about Eternals? 

As Shang-Chi proves the power of the MCU and audience loyalty, Disney may now be considering nixing their new hybrid model of movie releases. Coupled with that success is the continued battle over the lawsuit Scarlett Johansson has filed over the profits made by Black Widow’s hybrid release, showcasing how maybe the old fashioned way may be the way to go for Marvel’s Eternals. 

“Studios are very concerned about whether or not these movies can be profitable,” Eric Handler, a Wall Street analyst with MKM Partners said to Variety.“How many new subscribers are these movies each bringing in? Right now, from an investor standpoint, subscriber growth is important, but you have to look at the bottom line.”

With its all-star cast and promises of action not yet seen in the MCU, Marvel’s Eternals will have to weigh in soon as other movies begin to forge forward with their theatrical releases, such as Venom: Let There Be Carnage. With two weeks to make their move, Disney may be finally pulling the plug on their hybrid model, letting all of us get back to the movies. 

Twitter’s crossing its fingers

Many MCU fans have taken to Twitter to voice their hope for a full theatrical release for Marvel’s Eternals. Reactions to the news include: 

No matter where they’re premiering, we cannot wait! 

Definitely keep your subscription for those films! 

Even with COVID, the power of the MCU is strong . . . . 

It just keeps going, and going, and going . . . . 

All we can do is wait and see! 

What are your thoughts on the latest news for Marvel’s Eternals? Drop them below in the comments before opening weekend gets closer! 

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