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The movie 'Fifty shades of Grey' is based on a book saga about sex and love. However, it looks like the sex scenes are vanilla and the love story is cold.

Which are the most vanilla ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ sex scenes?

“Whips, handcuffs, and Christian Grey’s ‘Play Room’ how can we forget!” At least, that’s what most people think when they hear Fifty Shades of Grey. There is more to the movie than just kink. 

If this is your first time watching the film get ready for missionary positions, contract term negotiations, and two people falling in love. Here are the most vanilla Fifty Shades of Grey’s sex scenes! 

A high-powered billionaire ties up an innocent literature major 

Haven’t seen Fifty Shades of Grey in a while? Let us give a small refresher. A high-powered billionaire ties up an innocent literature major for the first time, and it was all anyone could talk about. Ana and Christians’ initial meeting was a surreal and yet a cold experience – a lot like Christian Grey himself. 

The twenty-seven-year-old billionaire takes an interest in Ana when she fills in for her journalist roommate to interview the successful businessman for the university newspaper. During the interview, Ana acts shy and meek. She stumbles over the pre-prepared questions to which Christian is intrigued. He’s taken with her and begins to groom her to be his potential submissive partner. 

The rich and powerful man surprises Ana at work, she’s a clerk at a hardware store. In a very breathy interaction, she assists him in selecting rope, cable ties, and tape. She makes a serial killer reference and still seems very interested in him romantically.  

He continues to do this “pop up” thing wherever she is. They kiss in an elevator and he explains that he has a singular sexual taste – meaning rigid and unemotional. He makes clear he has no capacity to provide an actual relationship but they venture into one anyways.   

Throw out the contract, she’s a virgin!

After a conversation about a sexual contract encompassing personal do’s and dont’s of the “Play Room,” Christian Grey comes to find out that his potential new submissive is a virgin. He responds to the news by saying, “men must be throwing themselves at you.” 

Surprise surprise! The controlling and dominant CEO is tickled by the fact that no other person has been with Ana sexually. They proceed to a bedroom to “rectify” the situation and cue the first Fifty Shades of Grey sex scene. He slowly undresses her, puts a condom on, and Ana’s virginity dissipates. 

Ana & Christian engage in very vanilla missionary sex. Sadly whips, chains, or floggers were nowhere to be seen but it is Ana’s first time, so maybe it’s understandable. The scene is a tender and passionate “lovemaking,” that ends with Ana having a very sensual first time. 

Even though it has been made very clear that Christian doesn’t do anything that resembles a relationship, he breaks a lot of his own rules. He touches her without a signed contract, they sleep in the same bed after sex (exactly one time), and he is romantic with her. This causes confusion & attachment in the relationship. 

Silk ties and mother’s approval

Once Ana lost her virginity, Christian makes it a top priority to ease her into the world of S&M. He pulls out a non-threatening version of handcuffs – a silk business tie. He wraps the tie around her wrists and firmly instructs her to remain still with arms above her head – no matter what. 

Ana struggles to comply by lowering her arms in response to pleasure. Christian kisses her body while he corrects the mistake and pushes her arms back above her head. Just as things were getting steamy, his mother interrupts them and the couple walk out separately. 

Excited to meet Ana, Christian’s mother invited her over to a family dinner. Christian explains his mother’s enthusiasm was due to the fact that she has never met one of his partners before. Eluding that Ana is different from the fifteen women that have been in her position previously. 

Ana is left to consider and review a lengthy dominant and submissive relationship contract. There’s much to negotiate on how their personal and sexual relationship would play out. 

Christian Grey is cold as ice 

Ana is apprehensive about the details of the sexual contract proposed by Christian. It entails a lot of sacrifice and pain with little in return. So Ana sends Christian a “It was nice to know you” message through a personalized computer bought specifically for their communication. 

The message motivates Christian to appear suddenly in Ana’s room with wine and a glass full of ice. He takes control over the matter by tying her to the bed with (yet again) another silk tie. 

He undresses her and uses her own shirt to blindfold her. With her sight compromised, Christian sparks other senses when entangling an ice cube in his mouth and dragging it down her body. They continue the playful session with some standard sex positions. 

Although this Fifty Shades of Grey sex scene is a little spicier, much of what is shown is low-level bondage and passionate intercourse. It’s not too different from what’s shown in other movies. The real thing to notice is how distant the nature of Christian Grey is after sex and his constant need to be in control not just in his red room of pain but in every aspect of his partner’s life. 

As a result, he physically and emotionally hurts the one person who loves him. Ana bends over (quite literally) to please him, putting her needs second. 

Fifty Shades of Grey sex scenes are a distraction 

Fifty Shades of Grey sex scenes are a low-grade distraction to what the movie is truly about. The successful billionaire, Christian Grey, displays intimacy issues. He avoids dealing with childhood traumas and uses sex & dominance to cover up his pain. 

So, although Fifty Shades of Grey sex scenes might be enticing, the majority of the movie forges a push & pull dynamic that ultimately ends in a breaking point for Ana. The sex scenes are few and far between, making them just the tip of the iceberg.   


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