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Netflix has plenty of steamy original programming. Here's a rundown of the best sex scenes available to watch on the platform.

Netflix and no chill: Quench your thirst with the best sex scenes ever

The best sex scenes on Netflix are certainly super fun to watch — especially with that special someone. It’s easy to plan an evening of Netflix & chill when you’re not really planning to watch much of the Netflix movie or TV show at all . . . But you might want to keep your eye on the screen for some of these super raunchy sex scenes. 

Netflix doesn’t care to hold back when it comes to including heightened moments of passion between fictional characters. The best sex scenes on Netflix totally prove that fact. If you haven’t seen these scenes just yet, you’re definitely missing out.


The best sex scenes in Sex/Life are sprinkled throughout every episode of the first season. We definitely need season 2 after all the sexy moments we saw between Billie & Brad. 

From the moment he fingers her in an elevator to the time he sleeps with her best friend on a FaceTime call for her viewing pleasure, it’s hard to narrow down which scene is the best. Check out season 1, episode 1 about six minutes in to see the sizzling hot montage of Billie & Brad working their way through the Kama Sutra.


Although Bridgerton is a show that’s been revered for its classy nature, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t include some of the best sex scenes on Netflix. It might be time to hop on the Bridgerton bandwagon because seeing Daphne & Simon get it on during episode 6 of season 1 is pretty wild to see.

They play this annoying game of “will they won’t they” for the longest time but once they finally get each other’s clothes off, they do not hold back.

Black Mirror

The best sex scene of Black Mirror comes to us in season 5, episode 2. It’s completely unexpected and it sort of feels like it comes out of nowhere. Two best friends take on virtual bodies as they play video games in a virtual reality world. 

In real life, these two friends would never touch each other or think of each other in a sexual way, but in their video game bodies, they are beyond attracted to each other. Somehow they’re able to experience the most passionate sex of their lives together.

Deadly Illusions 

This Netflix original movie is about as intense as it gets with a lot of lesbian innuendos keeping you intrigued from the very beginning. The best sex scene to consider in Deadly Illusions would have to be the bathtub scene when Grace enters to make Mary’s bathing experience more pleasurable. 

It starts off with Grace adding flower petals to the water and massaging Mary’s shoulders. It leads to some serious rubbing action underneath the water’s surface. Viewers are unsure if what happened was merely just a dream born of Mary’s lustful imagination, or if it actually happened.


The best sex scene in Riverdale comes to us during season 3, episode 5. Although most of the characters in this show have hooked up with each other at least once or twice, the moment shared between Archie & Veronica in the fight club locker room definitely takes the cake.

Veronica is sleuthing around in a blonde wig trying to get invited into the boxing ring through her mob connections. Instead of worrying about fight club, Archie & Veronica are only worried about one thing . . . Getting in each other’s pants.

365 DNI

365 DNI is filled with plenty of the best sex scenes on Netflix since it’s considered the perfect combination of the classic tale of The Beauty and the Beast and the raunchy modern franchise Fifty Shades of Grey. There’s a lot of sexy moments to watch in this movie but 1:08:38 is where a sex scene that lasts almost five minutes begins.

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