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Some of our favorite series end up after a couple of seasons and 'Sex/Life' will not be the exception. Will we ever see a season 3?

There is a safe and sure way to increase your member's size. This is SizeGenetics, a traction device that will help improve the length of your penis.

If you're a couple intending to try ménage à trios, this is the perfect guide for you. Check out where you can find Bahamas escorts to make this

Are you planning a visit with a Sydney escort, or just need to spice up your sex life? Discover some amazing new sex positions to up your bedroom

'Sex/Life' season 2 is coming. But what’s all this we’re hearing about a viral scene saving the Netflix show? Join us as we keep up-to-date on the matter!

Netflix has plenty of steamy original programming. Here's a rundown of the best sex scenes available to watch on the platform.

'Sex/Life' has been making major waves on the web. Dig into our story and find out why you need the show to heat up your next Netflix watch

Netflix recently released a steamy romantic drama. Find out why "Sex/Life" is driving both critics and audiences a different kind of crazy.