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Are you planning a visit with a Sydney escort, or just need to spice up your sex life? Discover some amazing new sex positions to up your bedroom game.

7 Sex Positions You Must Try When Seeing Sydney Escorts

Sex is one of nature’s most natural acts. And drawing pleasure from that is absolutely necessary. It can be quite depressing to have boring sex with your partner. It should always be exciting, adventurous, and enjoyable.

To live a healthy sexual life, you should focus on each other’s commitments and needs. Whether you are about to have sexual intercourse with a Sydney-based escort, your long-time partner, or even for a one-night stand, it should always be full of power and enjoyment.

Moreover, a boring sexual act can ultimately ruin the entire session. Having sex is the best opportunity to turn all your wild imaginations into a reality. Apart from this, getting into new sex positions while having sex with escorts can really boost your confidence level and mood swings. It’s high time to let yourself experience wild sex by trying different types of sex positions to make your sexual experience as wild and memorable as it can be.

There are lots of sex positions that you must try. You should certainly get into the best sex positions, especially when seeing an escort. You can meet a lot of high-profile independent male, female and transgender escorts that will give you all the satisfaction and enjoyment that you crave for.

These Sydney escorts are experienced and know how to provide you with immense pleasure on the bed with any wild to wildest sex position you prefer to get indulged in. In this post, we have listed seven of the best sex positions you must try when seeing escorts in Sydney. Let us have a look:

Reverse rancher

This can be the best position to have access to her and let her have access to your balls while having sex. In this position, you are able to see her back and lovely ass. This position allows you to screw her from behind and make sure that penetration is proper so that injury can be avoided.


This is a doggy style where you are standing and penetrating her in a doggy style from behind. This position also requires you to have enough stability to have sex in a better way. Make sure you have immense fun while having sexual intercourse in this position.

Pile driver 

This is yet another position that you can try with your escort and please her wildly. This position lets you have fun with her and allows deep penetration. In this position, while being her on the bed, you help raise her legs over her head so that her ankles must adequately be in line with her ears. Stimulating her will be just perfect for enjoying intense stimulation and sex.

Carry and stand 

This is yet another great sex position that makes you have wild face-to-face sex with your escort in Sydney. This position makes her sit on your lap facing you, and then you insert your rock-hard into her vagina when she already has her legs wrapped around your waist. You can now hold her ass and stand up while fucking her persistently.

Deep penetration

This is one of the most interesting sex positions that you should never forget while getting into a sexual act with your partner. This position lets her lie on the bed with her back, and she lifts her legs on your shoulder. Once the position is set, you can now penetrate her deep inside. This is one position that allows you extremely deep penetration, which doubles the intensity of enjoyment and stimulation.


This is also a must-try sex position while seeing escorts in Sydney. In this position, both of you lay down on the bed together, starting with foreplay and reaching full-body access. This position makes her knees slightly stand up in the air, and you can now penetrate her hard deep inside from behind.

Golden Arch 

Last but not least, this is among the best sex position that you must try when seeing escorts in Sydney. This is a face-to-face sexual encounter that allows you to have a deep penetration providing you have a big and rock-hard penis.

To Conclude

It can be rightly said that sex is something that we all get engaged in, but how wild you go and the positions you choose matter a lot, which can make the act more pleasurable and exciting for both. So, these are the must-try positions that should be added to your list next time you get to have a good time with escorts in Sydney.

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