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Are you excited to see Chrishell Stause and the rest of the 'Selling Sunset' cast in season 4? Here's all the theories surrounding season 4.

‘Selling Sunset’ season 4: We need more Chrishell Stause drama

Selling Sunset season 3 was perfect for those seeking glamor & drama. This Netflix Original has not been canceled yet & we may get a couple more seasons. Selling Sunset is the perfect remedy to help cure those quarantine blues. Multi-million dollar homes mixed with drama have been the answer to our boredom.

Season 4 should bring even more drama, but the real question is – what can we expect? Will Chrishell Stause finally tell-all about her divorce? Will Christine Quinn & Mary Fitzgerald go head to head? What can we expect from Davina Potratz?

Curious to know what could happen in Selling Sunset’s upcoming season? Here are all the theories surrounding season 4.

Christine & Mary showdown

During season 3, we saw the entire office reflect on recent favoritism involving Jason Oppenheim & Mary. Jason & Mary were in a relationship for what appeared to be half a year. They lived together & even adopted two dogs. So what went wrong?

Chrishell was actually the one to question the breakup. Jason took the blame, claiming he’s not the “commitment type”. Jason & Mary remained great friends even after their separation. Jason even threw an engagement party to celebrate Mary and her husband Romain Bonnet.

Selling Sunset is filled to the brim with drama so nothing is ever as straightforward as we’d hope. Christine, Davina, & Maya Vander continuously discussed Jason and his special treatment of Mary. It’s alleged that Jason offers Mary more listings & leads compared to other brokers. Perhaps a confrontation is in order? We’ve heard jokes made & hints at this favoritism – all light-hearted.

With Christine & Mary’s rocky friendship, this could bring forth an explosion amongst The Oppenheim Group. Could Christine confront Jason & Mary? Or will they continue making snide remarks? We hope for the latter.

Brett Oppenheim’s departure

As far as we know, twins Brett & Jason are both still very supportive of each other & there’s no ill will between the pair. Could this be to save face? Family drama can get intense & we can only hope season 4 captures what could’ve gone so wrong for Brett to leave The Oppenheim Group.

Christine began rumors of conflict when she discussed the potential of Brett running a rival brokerage. However, Jason put those rumors to rest and insisted that himself and Brett are still working together. Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine: “He’s not starting his own brokerage and hiring agents and competing; we’re still working together.”

We’re unsure whether or not this could bring a family feud to season 4. However, with Selling Sunset, drama is what keeps their world turning.

Diva Davina

Davina has been labeled as the Selling Sunset villain. Controversial cast member Potratz is always the center of the latest scandal. In season 3, we saw Davina confront Mary, Romain, Chrishell, and Jason. Could season 4 bring even more? 

While we’re still unsure whether or not season 4 is on the cards, it looks like Davina may return to the group. Christine & Davina bring the drama and the sassiness we crave from Selling Sunset. It’s no surprise that fans want even more of the pair.

With Davina’s chance for redemption, will she take it? We can only hope to see a different side to Potratz.

Chrishell’s crisis

One of the most heartbreaking moments was when Chrishell broke down in front of Mary when news of her divorce hit the newsstands. Justin Hartley’s divorce became the conversation topic everywhere including The Oppenheim Group. Of course, friends of Chrishell reached out in hopes of hearing back without much luck.

We got to see Stause and her reaction to the sudden divorce that left many fans shocked. With their seemingly perfect relationship, everyone including friends & family were left confused by the news. 

Will Chrishell return for another Selling Sunset season? Will Stause discuss her relationship drama further? It’s unclear, but with the ending of season 3 still on our minds, it’s entirely possible. 

We’re left wondering what’s going to happen with the cast of Selling Sunset. Let us know your theories for season 4 in the comments.

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