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Davina Potratz has managed to become the least likable person on 'Selling Sunset', but to her co-stars hate her just as much as fans do?

Davina Potratz: Do her ‘Selling Sunset’ co-stars hate her?

On Netflix’s Selling Sunset, Davina Potratz is one of the mean girls. It seems whatever comes into her head comes out of her mouth. Her shoot from the hip attitude, like sandpaper, can rub others the wrong way – just ask her co-stars.

Muddled with Mary

While Potratz remains close with Christine Quinn, things with Mary Fitzgerald are a bit more complicated, partly because husband Romain Bonnet isn’t a fan. Potratz revealed, “I’m in a neutral place with Mary. I do think there is favoritism with her and Jason [Oppenheim], but I respect her.”

Also, Potratz says that she doesn’t really keep up with Fitzgerald outside of filming. “I don’t have much to say much about her, we don’t talk and we don’t see each other. I do wish her the best.” As for Bonnet, Potratz says she’s getting a little tired about how he’s still holding a grudge about everything. “It’s kind of weird,” she adds.

Rowing with Romain

In the first season, Potratz stirred the pot by making a cutting remark about Fitzgerald’s moissanite engagement ring. Fitzgerald’s now-husband, Romain Bonnet, wasn’t equipped to buy a real diamond for his wife. So, he proposed with an inexpensive option. Potratz took a jab at Bonnet, which resulted in her not being invited to the couple’s wedding.

When asked about Bonnet, Potratz remarked that she finds him “disheartenedly  disrespectful”. She then described trying to make amends during Christine Quinn’s engagement party in season two. Potratz told Bonnet the only information she had about him beforehand was when Fitzgerald was crying at the office about him not wanting kids and “[Romain] feeling like [he] was missing out on [his] younger years.” 

Potratz adds that she told Bonnet, “That doesn’t make me feel good for her about you. Can you appreciate that? Maybe I’m wrong. Clearly I’m wrong, but in the moment that is what I felt. Based on the info I had, I just was questioning your intentions. I wasn’t judging her ring or how much money you made.”

Selling Sunset

Crossing Chishell

The finale of season 3 of the Netflix series saw the Oppenheim Group gather at Christine Quinn’s lavish wedding, when conversation turned to fallout from Chrishell Stause & Justin Hartley’s shocking divorce. Potratz didn’t hold back her thoughts when she said there were “two sides” to every story. This led to a falling out, as Fitzgerald jumped to defend Stause, who walked out of the bash.

Potratz told People that she stands by this comment, but there’s no bad blood between the co-stars, “I want to be neutral and that does not mean that I defend Justin and don’t support Chrishell. I absolutely support Chrishell and she knows that,” Potratz says, adding, “I have nothing but compassion & empathy for Chrishell and her situation.”

Mary’s remarks

In a radio interview Mary Fitzgerald chatted about her relationships with fellow cast members. When asked whether or not Davina Potratz is the real villain on the show, Fitzgerald said, “She does insert herself a lot where she doesn’t know what she is talking about. I don’t think she intentionally tries to be mean. I think she just – it’s like social cues or something. Like even if you think something don’t say it, like don’t say that.”

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