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There’s no one that nails the attitude & drama needed for reality TV better than Christine Quinn. Here are Quinn's best 'Selling Sunset' moments.

Here are our all-time favorite Christine Quinn ‘Selling Sunset’ moments

If you’ve seen Selling Sunset, who’s your favorite Oppenheim Group agent and why is it Christine Quinn? There’s no one that nails the attitude & drama needed for reality TV better than Christine. 

From her gorgeous looks day after day to not being afraid of the truth, Christine Quinn truly is the main character of Selling Sunset – everyone else is just living in her world. Now that we’ve had plenty of time to rewatch Selling Sunset season three, we’re ready to relive Christine Quinn’s best moments across all three seasons. 

Naming a drink “Chrishell’s Two-Faced Tonic”

100% of this list could be moments of Christine Quinn & Chrishell Stause’s feud, as that’s really what makes Selling Sunset. We’re going to limit ourselves, but we couldn’t pass up talking about this truly cold burn.

Christine doesn’t keep it a secret that she doesn’t like Chrishell. But she goes next level when she throws a party without inviting Chrishell and names a tonic after how Chrishell is two-faced. There’s petty, and then there’s whatever Christine just did with that drink situation. And we’re living for every moment of it.

Sticking up for Davina

Look, we can hate on Davina all we want, but we all genuinely felt bad for her in season three of Selling Sunset when one of her clients is being extremely difficult. So Christine puts her bitch mode to good use and makes it clear to the client he needs to put his ego aside to get his house sold.

Naturally, the client doesn’t play nice with Christine either, but unlike Davina, Christine Quinn is not one to back down from a challenge. She makes sure this man knows who the boss is, and suddenly he’s a lot more willing to work with Davina. This is why their friendship is perfect. 

Burgers & Botox

Appealing to the men & women looking for a million-dollar home, Christine goes above and beyond with this open house event. Surprisingly, the Selling Sunset cast does sell houses in between all the drama, and Christine Quinn is brainstorming a unique idea for an open house to pull in a number of interested buyers.

Whether it is the free Botox or the free In-N-Out burgers, Christine creates a great turnout for her event to come look at her latest listing. Bizarre? Yes. The most Christine event she could have thrown? Also, yes. 

The. Wedding.

Like we could talk about Christine’s best moments without mentioning her snowy, goth wedding. We wish the entire finale of Selling Sunset season three was dedicated to Christine Quinn’s wedding. From Christine looking stunning as she walked down the aisle in her shimmering black dress, to the gorgeous decor & the bloody strawberry wedding cake, we could go on & on about her wedding. 

Seriously, this multi-million dollar event is peak Christine Quinn, and we’re so glad she let the cameras roll to capture her wedding for Selling Sunset. Now it’s time for us to cry about the fact that we’ll never have such a fabulous wedding.

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