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Who did Ghislaine Maxwell marry before she was arrested? Why is she hiding who he is? Discover who Scott Borgerson is and how he met Maxwell.

Who is Scott Borgerson? How did he get “married” to Ghislaine Maxwell?

At last, we may know the identity of Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband. Reports say Maxwell married a mystery spouse in 2015, but sources wouldn’t say who. However, people are now speculating that rather than Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell married a guy named Scott Borgerson, who she described to friends as a “Navy SEAL type.” 

Ghislaine Maxwell was disgraced multimillionaire & sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend. She’s currently in jail awaiting trial for her part in Epstein’s sex trafficking pyramid scheme. People guessed she married someone in Jeffrey Epstein’s circle who was richer & more powerful to protect him from her having to testify against him. 

Who is Scott Borgerson? 

Scott Borgerson is a man from Missouri who joined the Coast Guard out of high school. In 2001, he earned a degree from Tufts University in arts & diplomacy. He taught history at the Coast Guard Academy before becoming a fellow in residence at the Council of Foreign Relations. He wrote an article about how climate change affected the Arctic. 

How did Ghislaine Maxwell notice him? 

In 2010, Scott Borgerson founded Cargometrics, a maritime investment company that tracked shipping companies, alerting investors to good & bad investments. While Ghislaine Maxwell was the CEO of TerraMar, she met Borgerson and helped his company advance through high society networking. 

TerraMar was an ocean protection nonprofit started by Ghislaine Maxwell in 2012. By partnering with Scott Borgerson’s investment firm, she could grow her nonprofit’s finances and attract investors. Maxwell shut TerraMar down in 2019 due to the Epstein scandal. 

Scott Borgerson’s company gave TerraMar extra credibility. Maxwell formed TerraMar to remake her image from a socialite to an ocean conservationist. Allegedly, this was also to escape her association with Jeffrey Epstein, though reports say they remained in contact until his death. 

Were they in a relationship? 

Scott Borgerson denied dating Ghislaine Maxwell, stating they were only friends. Friends say otherwise. People close to the pair reported that they bought a house in Massachusetts together. They also say that Maxwell bought her own home an hour away from Borgerson’s. 

As Jeffrey Epstein’s trial heated up, the media would show up to Scott Borgerson & Ghislaine Maxwell’s Massachusetts home. Reporters, tipped off about Epstein’s sexual abuse, would show up at their home to ask about their relationship. 

Ghislaine Maxwell’s mystery spouse revealed 

After Maxwell’s arrest in Vermont, a short drive away from Massachusetts, her bail hearing divulged she was married. She wouldn’t name her spouse. While no wedding certificate has been found, most believe her spouse was Scott Borgerson since they were in a relationship shortly before her arrest. 

Why was the wedding unannounced? 

Sources believe that Ghislaine Maxwell and Scott Borgerson were going to have a public wedding, but it was delayed. The delay was because of COVID and because it would have been an international wedding. 

There’s another legal matter in their marriage. The FBI had been watching Ghislaine Maxwell since Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest & apparent suicide. By marrying Scott Borgerson, he doesn’t have to legally testify against her. 

Spousal privilege in the U.S. prevents prosecutors from compelling a husband to testify against a wife, but that’s not the only reason a marriage benefits Ghislaine Maxwell. With lawsuits coming from her & Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, she can move money to Scott Borgerson if he’s her spouse. That way, she can keep more of her money. 

Was Scott Borgerson married before? 

According to reports, Scott Borgerson was married once before he met Ghislaine Maxwell. His wife divorced him, claiming that he would threaten to beat her when he came home drunk. Her accusations were dismissed and the reason for their divorce was listed as “irreconcilable differences.” 

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