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Perhaps you’re amongst the few (or many) who thought Ghislaine Maxwell is married to Jeffrey Epstein? Learn what her real husband told her in prison!

Now that we've reached the verdict, will Ghislaine Maxwell's husband Scott Borgerson ever reveal his thoughts on the case? Join us on the latest details!

After her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein was exposed and her crimes put on trial, many are wondering where is Ghislaine Maxwell's husband?

Did the FBI catch Ghislaine Maxwell because of her net worth? Discover how Maxwell's unclear net worth may keep her behind bars until her trial.

Ghislaine Maxwell is behind bars now, but for a long time, it looked like she'd slip away. Delve into new documents revealing how the FBI caught up to

Is Ghislaine Maxwell getting bail now? Delve into her second bail hearing and see the outcome that's breaking headlines now.

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire in July 2020. Was Maxwell married and is she now getting a divorce?

The former girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, is trying her darndest to get out on bail before Christmas.

Is Ghislaine Maxwell getting bail now? Delve into new claims from prosecutors about Maxwell's cushy prison lifestyle.