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#savemacgyver is a movement that has grown quite the support group. Do you believe that CBS should continue on with the series? Let's discuss the details.

#SaveMacGyver: Hear the fans explain why the CBS show should live on

This past decade, the sweeping domination of reboots & franchises over the entertainment landscape has produced some strange results. Franchises with a massively successful background have flopped, while other brands with seemingly no hope for reimagination gain wild success in the 2021 landscape. Enter the #SaveMacGyver movement.

Any millennial can tell you the original MacGyver series from the 1980s is a full-on cultural phenomenon. The show was spoofed, referenced, and noted in every other outlet throughout the 90s and the 80s-obsessed early 2000s following. Mirroring 80s reboot success stories like 21 Jump Street, the MacGyver franchise has found unexpected success in a 2010s reboot. Now the networks are taking the MacGyver away.

“MacGyver” it

The original MacGyver is a quintessentially 80s show, from Angus MacGyver’s mullet to the kitchy far-fetched action sequences which defined contemporary action movies throughout the decade. The 80s kitsch of the original series charmed audiences on a grand scale, and the proof is glaring for anyone who looks. 

The Simpsons reference MacGyver regularly throughout the cartoon’s golden age, as Marge’s sisters Patty & Selma frequently fawn over the titular 80s hunk. MacGyver’s resourcefulness turned the character into a full-on verb and made audiences never look at paperclips the same way again. 

Zoomers might be more familiar with Will Forte’s MacGruber (yeah, that’s MacGyver). Don’t take our word for it! Head to Wiki’s page on the cultural impact of the 80s show – there’s plenty to keep you busy. 

For a show so defined by the time of its release, a 2010s reboot seemed destined for failure. However, the people behind the 2016 MacGyver reboot knew what they were doing; the producers doubled down on the changing times.

Changing times

The MacGyver reboot dropped in 2016, and the show’s been running on CBS all the way up until its fifth season was announced as its last this past April. 

However, the people behind #SaveMacGyver aren’t satisfied, and have gathered up a petition to save the series. A petition implies there’s more to the MacGyver reboot than just entertainment, and that’s just what the folks behind #SaveMacGyver are arguing.

The petition for #SaveMacGyver has nearly 25,000 signatures, and the page explained why. The original MacGyver began in 1985, during a time when casual racism & poor representation were seldom condemned & examined in the mainstream. However, as #SaveMacGyver elaborated, the reboot took the 80s series and did its best to extinguish the ignorance of the original series’ timeframe.

The #SaveMacGyver petition detailed how the 2016 MacGyver series champions diversity both on screen & behind the scenes in the series’ writing & production team. From the show’s female showrunner to its recurring trans character, the MacGyver reboot puts other current shows’ representation to shame and makes the original series seem ancient. 


The response to the cancellation of the progressive series goes beyond a petition, and the next generation is throwing their tech-savvy weight around through more eyebrow-raising techniques.

#SaveMacGyver has managed to send CBS thousands of paper clips (MacGyver’s iconic improvisational tool) to show their support for MacGyver’s renewal. Furthermore, reported last month #SaveMacGyver billboards have popped up in L.A. & New York City thanks to digital funds raised by the movement making clear #SaveMacGyver isn’t going anywhere soon.

 #SaveMacGyver says on its petition the show has gotten many through rough times, and those who’ve celebrated the diversity-forward show “deserve a happy ending”.

Only time will tell if the people behind #SaveMacGyver will get their happy ending. Are you a MacGyver superfan? Have you signed the petition yet? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I am MacGyver fan. Watched original and reboot. Love both of them. Reboot watched from 1×01 and i want to see more what MacGyver will Macsplaining, actions, traveling, helping other people etc. I’ve signed the petition. MacGyver deserves happy ending

    May 12, 2021
    • Couldn’t have said it better

      January 1, 2022
  • I am a huge MacGyver fan and am supporting the #SaveMacGyver movement in any way I can. The show is a perfect mix of action, adventure, drama, fun and science. You really can’t beat a good Mac Hack! It also embraces diversity and inclusivity, showing that representation matters. This is so important today. MacGyver deserves so many more seasons, at the very least a proper finale season (as filming had finished before the cancellation was announced). The fans will keep fighting to #SaveMacGyver

    May 12, 2021
  • Thank you for this! MacGyver is a brand recognizable all over the world and throughout many generations. Everyone expected the reboot to fail, but it managed to gather an important fan base and 4M+ viewers every friday night. Its ratings won the timeslot (a tough one, to be fair) for more than 10 weeks in a row. It is a success and it deserves to have, at least, a proper ending!

    May 12, 2021
  • What the hell is wrong with CBS, not only do they cancel Macgyver a wonderful show that has sometimes for everyone and is the perfect lead in to Magnum P.I. and then Blue Bloods making it a win/win for this dumb ass station but it also cancelled Mom another terrific show with so much heart warmth and humor ( the best of the best of the Chuck Lorre shows) even 8 seasons in and instead decide to renew Bob and Abasholoa the worst of all of his shows so far. Why CBS? Explaination please. And let’s not forget the cancellation of NCIS New Orleans another fine and engrossing show only to replace it with NCIS Hawaii with no stand out stars and Jessica Simpson’s ex husband’s current wife who was hardly used on her last show. ( read behind the lines here) This one should tank by November whereas NCIS New Orleans couod have gone on for many more years ( hell you could have even moved them over to Hawaii. As well as the whole Macgyver team. And hey how about Alison Janney as Jane Tennant. Heck! She can even act and has an Oscar to prove it. Rethink your decisions CBS A/K/A Corporate Bungling Stupidity. Save our Shows and Save yourselves in the process. If you continue along this destructive path even your Paramount Plus corporate logo ( The Rock Of Gibraltar) won’t be high or strong enough to sustain your rapid decline. And the CBS eye will have a permanent tear rolling out of it’s pupil.

    May 13, 2021
  • I love macgyver I watched it with my dad from the first episode to the last. I’ve signed the petition multiple times and I think this show could get at least One or two more seasons.

    November 2, 2021
    • Absolutely!

      January 1, 2022
  • THIS IS THE BEST SHOW! My parents and I are always in a debate on what one is better, ahahha. Please come back soon, it is crazy how a fiction show can help with real life problems. Please support #SaveMacgyver and bring our Mac Fam home:)

    January 1, 2022

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