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We’d like to help you relive some of the most epic Sidlotte scenes. Maybe they’ll stoke your 'Sanditon' activist fires

Fighting to save ‘Sanditon’? These epic Sid-lotte scenes will fire you up

The wonderful start of a Jane Austen classic has been coiffed into the beginnings of a masterpiece. For those of you already familiar with Sanditon, you may know that it’s based on the novel Jane Austen wrote in the midst of a chronic illness. Because she was so ill, Jane Austen wasn’t able to complete it. 

Luckily, screenwriter Andrew Davies picked up right where Austen left off in order to share the beauty of the tale with TV audiences. Viewers of Sanditon were swept off their feet and hopelessly in love with the characters. 

Despite all these high praises, the Davies adaptation of this Jane Austen book came to a screeching halt in December of 2019. PBS announced to fans on Twitter that a second season of Sanditon was not on the way. Apparently the show did not receive as large of a following as was expected. The fervor of our Sanditon-loving hearts were apparently not enough to convince the powers that be that the show must go on. 

Sanditon beautifully illustrates how power and privilege change the dynamics of the various romantic pairings in the show. Above all, our love for Sidney and Charlotte’s relationship fuels the cult chant that begs producers to continue Sanditon. While we continue to pray that our hopes don’t fall on dead ears, we’d like to help you relive some of the most epic Sidlotte scenes. Maybe they’ll stoke your Sanditon activist fires. 

Sidney shot down?

Remember that time when Charlotte totally shot down Sidney at dinner. After having the audacity to say he had no interest in either Charlotte’s approval or disapproval earlier on, Sidney has the gall to ask what she thinks at the dinner table. Charlotte quite suitably shoots down his attempt at conversation with the words “As you have no interest, in my opinion, I shan’t trouble you with it . . .” 

While the scene may not necessarily inspire confidence in Sidney and Charlotte’s relationship, we Sanditon stans know that it should all work out in the end, so this scene holds its own as one of the most epic Sidlotte scenes. We’re sure a lot of viewers were biting their lips with amusement and apprehension during that scene.

Sidlotte’s awkward walk and amazing kiss

Watching Sidney flounder for a topic of conversation during one of his walks with Charlotte was infinitely entertaining. They both were adorable. From Charlotte blabbering about the weather in regards to an indoor occasion to Sidney asking Charlotte about her family, the scene was super endearing. 

When Charlotte convinces Sidney there is really no reason to rush back into town, it’s adorable how happy Sidney obviously is. Of course, the cherry on top was when Sidney leans and whispers, “Charlotte.” Funny little pumpkin that Charlotte is, she actually answers “Yes,” as if she doesn’t know he doesn’t really have anything to say. 

The kiss they share is so rewarding after all the push and pull of their uncertain start. 

That Sanditon boat scene 

You know the one: in Episode 7, when Sidney decides it’s time for Charlotte to give propelling their little rowboat a shot. Sidney nonchalantly places Charlotte’s hands on the oars, then places his hands on top of hers to help Charlotte row. The uncomfortable tension in Charlotte’s face would be painful if we didn’t know it was coming from all the romantic tension Sidney was pretending to be nonexistent. 

Rowing honestly never looked so sexy. The way their bodies swayed back and forth as they quietly rowed the boat was vaguely reminiscent of something, if ‘ya know what I mean. This scene made the most innocent of actions seem surprisingly steamy.

Sanditon must return! 

If only to indulge our Sidlotte-loving hearts, the show Sanditon should definitely come back. How wasted all that wonderful build-up would be if there was never a season two. Shout your love for Sanditon from the rooftops, fans. Maybe our voices will someday carry to the people with the power to make it happen.

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    May 13, 2020
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    June 7, 2020
  • The British network ITV decided not to go ahead with a second season of Sanditon because of what their decision makers deemed unacceptably low viewership. It was not the decision of PBS or Masterpiece to cancel the series, because they are not the production company. Your article gives the impression that this was a decision made by PBS/Masterpiece. You may want to revise your article. Thanks.

    June 7, 2020

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